Paddy Kenny rails against former club QPR, alleged to have sent abusive texts and tweets

Leeds United's Paddy Kenny, who has allegedly sent abusive texts and tweets about QPR
Clap all you want Paddy (Image: Leeds543)

Leeds goalkeeper Paddy Kenny is the subject of a complaint made by QPR after technical director Mike Rigg and chairman Tony Fernandes received abusive text messages following the club’s dismal Premier League opening day defeat to Swansea.

Kenny, 34, is alleged to have have ridiculed new signing Rob Green’s performance and the final result. In addition to the late-night texts, Rigg apparently received calls up until 3am on Sunday.

The Leeds United player, who made seventy-seven appearances for Queens Park Rangers before moving to Elland Road in a £900k deal this the summer, has also sent numerous tweets criticising his former club and further alienating himself from the fans that were once his greatest supporters.

Early Sunday morning Kenny began retweeting messages criticising Green and the team’s performance in the heavy five-nil defeat to Swansea City:

Ha ha rob green in #QPR goal – couldn’t lace @p20ddy boots up#5-0 defeat ha ha so funny Should have been six

— Nick Jones (@jonesypooch) August 19, 2012

@p20ddy rob green was so bad today, people start chanting paddy kenny’s having a party

— Jack Brady (@Jack_QPR) August 19, 2012

He then began reacting to the inevitable abuse from Queens Park Rangers fans:

@rangersw12 not bitter I’m now at a bigger and better club #mot

— Paddy kenny (@p20ddy) August 19, 2012

@lukereid95 @david_9_ash @rangersw12 but I am though how the feck is Leeds not bigger than Qpr #goodone

— Paddy kenny (@p20ddy) August 19, 2012

Kenny even referred to the Hoops as a tin pot club in one tweet:

@duck0ff are u taking the piss with 18k when Leeds get that for a league cup game #sorrytinpotclub

— Paddy kenny (@p20ddy) August 19, 2012

… provoking further insults which, in turn, prompted additional retweets and slightly more aggressive reaction from Paddy:

@aidenqpr fuck off you tit you give me shit all night and expect me to take it your all so disrespectful

— Paddy kenny (@p20ddy) August 19, 2012

@slapheadstu71 haha check this maggot look bloke just crawl back in your hole

— Paddy kenny (@p20ddy) August 19, 2012

@bradleymusprime: @p20ddy Fat cunt” oh that really hurts I don’t think I will sleep now tonight

— Paddy kenny (@p20ddy) August 19, 2012

… then it all seemed to get a bit overwhelming for the under-fire goalkeeper:

See Qpr fans were on fire last night I think every supporter they had hammered me I must have at least 40 tweets

— Paddy kenny (@p20ddy) August 22, 2012

This is how low they stoop @cotterill_david #low twitter.com/p20ddy/status/…

— Paddy kenny (@p20ddy) August 22, 2012

… but he made it out the other side with some support from David Cotterill and Nathan Dyer:

@cotterill_david @nathdyer87 haha cotts I’m ok pal I just laugh it off

— Paddy kenny (@p20ddy) August 22, 2012


Leeds United manager Neil Warnock, formerly employed by QPR, has said the matter will be dealt with internally:

We have a club policy on Twitter and social networking. It’s an internal matter and we will not be commenting further.

On a lighter note, Paddy Kenny’s Twitter feed did throw up this gem:

Having yourself hahaha #classic twitter.com/p20ddy/status/…

— Paddy kenny (@p20ddy) August 19, 2012