NBC SPORTS VIDEO: Jason Sudeikis is An American Coach in London

See Jason Sudeikis star as new Tottenham Hotspur manager Texan Coach Ted Lasso in the new NBC Sports film-style advert, An American Coach in London.

Jason Sudeikis is An American Coach in London in a new NBC Sports film-style advert
Lasso… American (Image: YouTube/NBCSportsNetwork)

See the Americans poke fun at themselves as actor Jason Sudeikis stars in a new NBC Sports film-style advert, An American Coach in London.

Sudeikis plays Texan Coach Ted Lasso, a fictional comedy sports coach that has come to England to take over from André Villas-Boas at north London club Tottenham Hotspur.


It quickly becomes clear that Lasso is not fully acquainted with the rules of football and the structure of the Premier League.

The enthusiastic new manager tries to learn on the job by relating his experiences to similar examples in the United States.

Each league competitor’s personality and history is memorised by identifying comparisons from across the pond.

Manchester United and Liverpool are apparently the “Dallas Cowboys” while West Ham are “pick-up trucks”, as Lasso tries to immerse himself in the game:

In an act of solidarity I spent an entire day not using my hands out of respect towards the game.

The entertaining video also throws up some great lines from Sudeikis, such as:

How many countries are in this country?

… after his character learns that Gareth Bale is from Wales.

NBC Sports say:

Coach Lasso is a Football coach born and raised in Texas. He’s just arrived in England to coach in the Premier League and he’s realizing…..It’s Football Just Not as we know it.

Watch Jason Sudeikis in the new NBC Sports commercial, An American Coach in London:

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