Mario Balotelli crop circle appears near Verona

Mario Balotelli's wheat field crop circle tribute
Balotelli au naturale (Image: Matt Barker/Twitter)

A crop “circle” resembling the back of Italy’s Mario Balotelli has appeared in Castagnaro, near Verona, Italy.

According to reports, the enormous 2,700 square metre wheat-based tribute was created by Italian artist Dario Gambarini:

I wanted to pay homage to all the Azzuri, but it seemed ideal to reproduce the blonde Mohawk of Balotelli on a field of threshed wheat.

Gambarini uses a tractor pulling a plough as well as utilising his freehand skills. He has previously created similar images of Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama, amongst others, and apparently does without the use of any points of reference on the ground.