Leicester fan petitions girlfriend to name daughter after Jamie Vardy

Change.org appeal to use Vardy as middle name has over 5000 signatures already.

A Leicester fan is petitioning his girlfriend to use Jamie Vardy's surname as their daughter's middle name
INSPIRATION: Vardy (Image: Pioeb)

A Leicester fan is petitioning his girlfriend to name their daughter after Jamie Vardy – and he’s already collected the 5000 signatures required.

Ashley Marriott took to Change.org to drum up support for his desire to use Vardy as a middle name for the baby girl, who’s expected this summer.

He wrote:

Me and my partner are expecting a girl 19th june , during the euro’s , where im sure vardy will be :) she has agreed i can have Vardy as a middle name if i can reach 5,000 leicester fans to sign this , which i think is a easy target id be confident of 10,000 + signitures me and my unborn daughter will be forever greatful

His spelling might not be up to much, but the Leicester fan’s petition has been a roaring success so far – at the time of writing, it’s got over 5000 signatures.

Click here to sign the petition allowing Leicester fan Ashley Marriott to give his daughter the middle name Vardy