GUIDE: How to force a transfer by Robbie Savage

Learn how to force a transfer away from your current club by following Robbie Savage's carefully crafted "11-point guide".

Robbie Savage, playing for Leicester City, possibly thinking about how to force a transfer
Savage… Dirty tricks (Image: blue_rat)

Learn how to force a transfer away from your current club by following Robbie Savage’s carefully crafted “11-point guide”.

Now you can be a disloyal footballer just like the master himself.

So, what can you do to force a transfer? Take a look at our favourite ideas below:


Sulking is horrible and can have a really negative impact on your team-mates and the club as a whole. When you sulk, your whole demeanour changes and you bring people down with you.

Stop communicating

Clamming up and staying silent is a very effective tool. It was a tactic I adopted on occasion. Normally, I am a fun, happy-go-lucky guy, so if I stopped communicating, people knew straight away that something was up. I just wouldn’t speak to anybody.

Faking injury

If you get an injury, you are usually seen by a physiotherapist and have a scan within an hour. You can’t kid people as easily, but you can still fake a niggle – and they can last for ages. When you feign an injury, there is no need to limp or play act. Just say you’re not right.

Make up newspaper stories

Some players have friends in the media and make use of those contacts to get the move they want. I’ve called newspaper reporters I was close to and asked them to link me with this team or that team, even when I knew it wasn’t true.

Use the media

You can go one step further with the media and enlist the help of the television companies. When I wanted to put pressure on one manager, I arranged for a camera crew to meet me at the training ground when I knew everyone was enjoying a day off.

I wanted to give the impression I was being forced to train on my own.

Fight with team-mates

One day, I had a big argument with the goalkeeper. He came over to me, had a right go and grabbed me by the throat. I got up, we scuffled and he ended up with a cut lip after my head came into contact with his face.

Moan to backroom staff

Physiotherapists, coaching staff, canteen workers and secretaries are all capable of reporting back to the manager, so if you want to create a stir, have a moan when these people are in ear shot. It won’t be long before the manager finds out how you’re feeling.

Be a bad influence

Any player can cause havoc in the changing room or out on the training pitch. You just need a bad attitude. It doesn’t matter what it is, do it badly and you soon get a reputation the manager cannot ignore.

Don’t put the effort in

It can be hard to do, but one sure way of losing the manager’s backing is by not giving 100% in a match.

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