German team Ripdorf tried to avoid coronavirus while social distancing their way to a 37-0 defeat
(Image: NIAID)

German amateur side Ripdorf lose 37-0 while practising social distancing

Avoid fine for forfeiting match.


German amateur team SG Ripdorf/Molzen II lost 37-0 to SV Holdenstedt II while practising social distancing to avoid coronavirus infections.

The eleventh-tier sides were scheduled to play each other in Lower Saxony’s 3. Kreisklasse on Sunday.

But according to Ripdorf president Patrik Ristow, their opponents had come into contact with an infected person in a match against Eddelstorf.

Instead of incurring a fine for forfeiting the game, Ripdorf showed up and kept their distance as Holdenstedt ran riot.

Almanya bölgesel amatör lig takımlarından SG Ripdorf/Molzen II, koronavirüse yakalanmaktan korktukları için sosyal mesafe kurallarına uyarak oynadıkları maçta SV Holdenstedt II'ye 37-0 yenildi! pic.twitter.com/w4AfQRymGk

— Skorer (@skorermilliyet) September 16, 2020

Ristow told AZ:

Several players on our second team told us that they would like to avoid contact with SV Holdenstedt players to be safe.

The coaching staff and club directors are responsible for the team and, naturally, accept the situation in today’s world. To contain possible chains of infections, this should be in everybody’s interests.

At the same time, as a club, we have to be careful not to incur unnecessary punishments for not showing up during his difficult corona period.

That would make the financial situation of the club even worse. So we are in a bind.