Carl Ikeme punches tactics board, breaks hand, may miss season

Carl Ikeme
Ikeme… Board puncher (Img: Jon Candy)

Wolverhampton Wanderers goalkeeper Carl Ikeme might be ruled out for the rest of the season having broken his hand punching a tactics board during a heated half time inquest in Saturday’s 2-1 win over Bristol City.

“Punching tactics board” sounds frightfully euphemistic, does it not? “Carl Ikeme punches tactics board, so I’ve heard”. Hmm. Anyway, his manager Dean Saunders said:

I’ve spoken to him and he can barely talk to be honest. He’s that disappointed. Carl is more critical of himself than anybody. It is his first season that he’s been the number one keeper and now he has lost that.

He was frustrated at making his mistake and punched the tactics board, which is only cardboard, but there is a metal bar at the back of it. He has not meant to break his hand. Kevin Doyle kicked the corner flag after scoring his goal and could have ended up breaking his foot.

Every single one of us has punched something or pushed something out of frustration but you don’t expect to cause yourself injury.

After weighing it up and deciding that Saunders was probably correct in his assertion that Ikeme “has not meant to break his hand”, Football Burp got thinking on other freak football injuries, and how they could be condensed into ‘band name’ form. Wince at, laugh at or feel free to use as a band name any of this lot, dear readers…

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Have you ever punched something or pushed something out of frustration but didn’t expect to cause yourself injury, except that you did cause yourself injur, and furthermore did so in a manner which others found amusing? Have your say in the comments section below…