“What’s the ****ing point?” shrugs despondent Moyes

Sunderland boss appears to give up all hope.

David Moyes doesn't see the point any more
MOROSE: Moyes (Image: Jason Gulledge)

Sunderland boss David Moyes has shrugged despondently and sighed “what’s the ****ing point?” in response to a question about new signings.

The monumentally morose Mackems manager could only grumble resignedly about his prospects of signing anyone with even a modicum of footballing ability during the January transfer window.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Moyes raged Glaswegianly at the dying of the light.

He said: “Seriously though, what the ****ing **** is the point?

“I asked the board for a war chest and the ****-taking ****s gave me the chest plate off a fancy dress suit of armour.

“It’s one thing depriving me of funds to try and steer this determinedly sinking ship away from the choppy waters of relegation, but actively trolling me over it is quite another.

“Now marvel as I somehow cajole Victor Anichebe into scoring a succession of unlikely late-season winners.”