“They attacked India in 1963” – Kenedy expands on China slur

Chelsea youngster defends family honour as controversy rages.

Chelsea's Kenedy insulted China on social media
KIN: Kenedy (Image: @cfcunofficial/Chelsea Debs)

Chelsea youngster Kenedy has refused to apologise for insulting China on social media, explaining his reasons.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, the Brazilian winger-cum-full-back cited the Chinese attacking India in 1963 as his motivation.

He said: “Instead of developing my talent, I’ve been spending my time looking into my family history.

“Turns out I had a great uncle or something who was President of the United States and he was dead set against communism.

“When China attacked India, apparently he was ready to use a nuclear bomb on them but obviously this never happened.

“Then he was shot dead on Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas. Now, I’m not saying the Chinese were to blame.

“But, you know, f**k China.”