Messi breaks record for “in a calendar year” references in a calendar year

Lionel Messi playing for Barcelona
Hooray for Messi! (Image: M.Caimary)

Barcelona star Lionel Messi has broken the record for having his name in sentences which end with “in a calendar year” in a calendar year.

The Chris Barrie lookalike, Argentinian, scored seventeen goals against Sporting Hoopla to prompt a wave of “in a calendar year” usage unheard of since some German guy did something or other ages ago, or something.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Messi said he was thrilled to be the subject of an unprecedented amount of sentences ending “in a calendar year” in a calendar year, and that he hopes to feature in even more during the next calendar year.

He said: “What makes this even better is that I have been gifted more calendars this year from adoring fans than in any other calendar year so far.

“I still haven’t opened the Rod Stewart one so I will use it for 2013, even if it means that I have to celebrate national holidays at different times to everyone else.

“I would like to thank everyone who gifted me a calendar during this calendar year, and I hope that I can repay them by breaking my own record for published ‘in a calendar year’ juxtapositions in a calendar year.

“Feliz Navidad and a happy new calendar year, everyone!”

Some old German guys were available for comment but not the one who did the thing.