“I’m not scared of fear,” roars defiant Rodgers

Challengers gathered press to wrestle.

Brendan Rodgers
RAMBLING: Rodgers (Image: Geoffrey Hammersley)

A defiant Brendan Rodgers has used his pre-match press conference for tomorrow’s game at home to Aston Villa to pour scorn on suggestions that he’s scared of fear, or something.

The Liverpool boss, embattled, was asked whether or not he feared for his job when he launched into the astonishing rant, one in which he ruled out in no uncertain terms that he feels no trepidation regarding dread.

Speaking exclusively to a roomful of confused journalists, Rodgers announced that he had nothing to fear but fear itself, and that he didn’t fear that so all in all he was feeling pretty fearless.

He said: “Do I feel under pressure? Maybe, but only insofar as I’m betraying my unease by answering one of my own questions.

“And we all do that from time to time, don’t we? Yes.

“Obviously I’m s***ing myself, but I’ve never been afraid of s***ing myself before and I don’t anticipate having any qualms whatsoever with s***ing myself again.

“Clearly I’m just babbling nonsense now, but then I have been for some time now so babbling nonsense holds no fears for me.

“I’m not scared of you. Come on, let’s wrestle.”

That’s when everybody else left.