Guardiola to Man City fans: “Can any of you guys take a penalty?”

Manager claims his side don't have time to practise them.

Pep Guardiola wants Man City fans to come forward if they can take a penalty

Pep Guardiola has asked Man City fans to come forward and make themselves known if they can take a penalty.

The Spaniard’s appeal comes hot off the heels of Kevin de Bruyne and Sergio Agüero making a holy show of themselves in a 1-1 draw against Everton.

Guardiola’s annoyance was redoubled by the realisation that he had both players in his fantasy football team.

Agüero’s penalty miss was his third of the season, which is reportedly three more than he’s missed in training.

However, this is being attributed to the fact that City don’t practise penalties in training.

Nevertheless, Guardiola has refused to entertain the idea of doing so, insisting there’s no time left once they’ve finished practising that thing they do when the full-backs tuck inside and that.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Guardiola invited Man City fans to apply for the role of the club’s first-choice penalty taker.

He said: “After all, you’ve got time to practise them, right?

“You know, in between working all day and having your dinner, you could take a few spot kicks against a family member, couldn’t you?

“It’s just that we have to spend most of our time practising that thing we do where Claudio Bravo comes charging out and everyone panics.”