Andy Carroll accused of staging robbery to bury his transfer fees on Google

Searching for 'Andy Carroll robbery' no longer results in millions of mentions of £35m.

Andy Carroll might have faked the attempted robbery
Did this crock create crooks? (Image: Egghead06)

Andy Carroll has been accused of staging an attempted robbery in order to stifle Google search results displaying his transfer fees.

The serial West Ham absentee was praised for his bravery in speeding away from armed thieves demanding his watch, despite that sounding more like stupidity.

However, he now faces accusations of orchestrating the incident himself so as to ensure that anyone searching for ‘Andy Carroll robbery’ isn’t faced with millions of results reporting fees such as the £35m Liverpool paid for him in 2011.

It wouldn’t be the first time a footballer has resorted to such subterfuge – last year, Wayne Rooney slapped WWE wrestler Wade Barrett to dilute search terms involving his name and ‘Auld Slapper’.

And Ashley Cole famously attempted to strike up a friendship with eminent runner Tyson Gay.

Andy Carroll was unavailable for selection comment. Sorry, force of habit.