Real Madrid’s Federico Valverde sent off for professional foul in extra time of Spanish Super Cup final

Rivals Atlético Madrid beaten on penalties after 0-0 draw following man of the match's red card.

طرد فالفريدي بعد إعاقته موراتا ومنعه من فرصة محققة أمام المرمى
"كنت حتسجل أعمل لك ايه" ؟#ريال_مدريد_اتليتكو_مدريد #السوبر_الأسباني_بجدة pic.twitter.com/kFVWaSrCvV

— القنوات الرياضية السعودية (@riyadiyatv) January 12, 2020


Simeone on Fede Valverde foul: “It was most important play of match. If the move went on, it would've possibly been a goal. I said to him ‘don’t worry, anyone would've done same in your place’. He did what he had to do.” #Supercopa2020 pic.twitter.com/WfkBMEYWYt

— Ben Hayward (@bghayward) January 13, 2020