Real Madrid’s Federico Valverde sent off for professional foul in extra time of Spanish Super Cup final

Rivals Atlético Madrid beaten on penalties after 0-0 draw following man of the match's red card.

طرد فالفريدي بعد إعاقته موراتا ومنعه من فرصة محققة أمام المرمى
"كنت حتسجل أعمل لك ايه" ؟#ريال_مدريد_اتليتكو_مدريد #السوبر_الأسباني_بجدة pic.twitter.com/kFVWaSrCvV

— القنوات الرياضية السعودية (@riyadiyatv) January 12, 2020

They then got Federico Valverde out of his early shower and handed him the official Player of the Match trophy in front of the Atlético players and fans… 😂🤣 pic.twitter.com/EMbZDEDWBs

— betclever (@bet_clever) January 12, 2020

Simeone on Fede Valverde foul: “It was most important play of match. If the move went on, it would've possibly been a goal. I said to him ‘don’t worry, anyone would've done same in your place’. He did what he had to do.” #Supercopa2020 pic.twitter.com/WfkBMEYWYt

— Ben Hayward (@bghayward) January 13, 2020