Top Three: Football Weddings

Happy marriages do not always start with football weddings
Weddings... They didn't do it like this in the olden days

Another fantastic football wedding video has surfaced. So, as a tribute, we decided that it was finally time for a run-down of the best (possibly only) football weddings…


This is the latest reported football wedding. The Catalonian ceremony saw the bride surprise her new husband (Marcos – presumably a Barcelona fan), with a rousing rendition of the Champions League anthem from the Renaissance Choir of Sant Boi de Llobregat:


You may have already seen Mr & Mrs Han’s Liverpool-themed wedding earlier in the year. These two fanatics met each other through the Singapore branch of the Liverpool FC fan club in 2001.

Their dates were spent watching Liverpool together and the couple claim to wear identical team shirts “everywhere we go”. Having a Liverpool-themed wedding seemed like a natural progression for the newly weds.

This clip below shows the couple walking into their wedding lunch at the The Regent Singapore to the tune of You’ll Never Walk Alone:

Leeds United

Finally this Malaysian (apparently not Chinese as the video title suggests) wedding, had a Leeds United theme. We’re not sure if it was the bride or the groom who instigated this idea though. Perhaps it was a joint decision…

Honourable Mention

Manchester City

Manchester City fans Karen and Simon Bell didn’t have an entirely football themed wedding, but Mrs. Bell did wear a pretty spectacular Manchester City dress on the special day.

According to reports, Karen made the dress herself from Simon’s old collection of shirts and was said to be “at the sewing machine six nights a week”.

Rather than going straight to the wedding reception, the pair went to watch City beat Stoke City 3-0 after the ceremony.

Karen Bell wears her homemade Manchester City bridal gown
Mrs Bell... Something blue (Image: Yahoo Eurosport)

Would you have a football wedding? Which one of the above is your favourite?