Ten of the funniest England fans and their best moments on video

Catch up before new memories are made in France this summer.

Funny England fans follow the national side around the world
REPRESENTIN’: England fans (Image: Georgio)

These are ten of the funniest England fans you’re ever likely to see on video until some new memories are made at Euro 2016 in France next month.

Always having a great time on the road following the national team, England supporters are renowned throughout the world for various reasons – but not least their sense of humour!

We’ve trawled the internet looking for their greatest moments and this is what we’ve come up with – thirteen videos of funny England fans on their travels:

England fan downs a bottle of wine

A little bit of light pre-match drinking in Basel prior to England’s opening Euro 2016 qualification game against Switzerland in September 2014.

England fan hits Peru player with a paper aeroplane

Bored supporters throw paper aeroplanes during 3-0 friendly win over South American side at Wembley in May 2014.

Fan arrested after getting into England dressing room

Arrested for trespass in Cape Town after going down the tunnel following 0-0 draw with Algeria at World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

England fans attempt to get balls out of trees

Lauded successes and mighty falls in Barcelona prior to 0-3 Euro 2008 qualifier win against Andorra in March 2007.

Topless England fan leads chants at Wembley

Seen here at Wembley during England’s Euro 2016 qualifying clash with San Marino in October 2014 and then again at a friendly against Holland in March 2016.

England fan watching on TV is angered by French equaliser

Supporter watching at home is not happy as France’s Samir Nasri makes it 1-1 at Euro 2012.

England fan falls in the canal

Away trip to Amsterdam brings new peril to England supporters before friendly against Holland in August 2009.

England fan puts his flag in the bin

Disappointed supporter chronicles journey following England’s exit from World Cup 2010 in South Africa after a 4-1 defeat to Germany in the knockout stage.

Drunk England fan tries to play the vuvuzela

Gets tips with new instrument from helpful local at World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Fan turns house into England shrine

Ben Rogers gets the bunting out ahead of World Cup 2014 in Brazil, but the family doesn’t look quite as excited as he does.