6 best Arsenal goals of the season 2013-14

Norwich take a real hammering, and there's a surprise at top spot.

Tomáš Rosický, scorer of two of the best Arsenal goals of the season
Rosický… Check (Image: Ronnie Macdonald)

Selecting our top six Arsenal goals of the season was a privilege – Arsène Wenger’s Gunners always weigh in with their share of wonder goals, and they certainly didn’t disappoint this season.

Let’s count them down in ascending order of brilliance…

6. Tomáš Rosický v Tottenham Hotspur

Because the glory of torpedoing one in is magnified somewhat when it’s done in a derby match…

POW! Comfortably the highlight of a tedious affair.

5. Aaron Ramsey v Liverpool

Steadies himself and unleashes it, just to keep up the steady stream of clichés…

Whallop! Tremendous.

4. Aaron Ramsey v Norwich City

Hard to choose between his scorching volley from yesterday…

…and his outrageous flick ‘n’ headed pass combo, roaming into the box, demanding the ball back, dancing around half the defence and lashing it beyond a no doubt despairing John Ruddy in the reverse fixture…

‘Left static’, if you will.

Verdict: Goals as good as each other. Ramsey shares third place with himself, leaving the Canaries looking more like tits.

3. Olivier Giroud v West Ham United

Bergkamp-esque first touch, bangs it through the ‘keeper’s legs…

French and fancy.

2. Jack Wilshere v Norwich City

Oh Norwich. Oh, oh, oh Norwich.

You may have seen this voted Goal of the Season on last night’s Match of the Day, which is fair enough really…

Although Fabian Delph v Chelsea and Jonjo Shelvey v Aston Villa could just as easily have won. The former wasn’t even nominated.

Having given it some thought – not loads, but definitely some – Burp decrees Wilshere’s goal not even to be Arsenal’s best of the 2013-14.

1. Tomáš Rosický v Sunderland

An overlooked slice of poetry, if indeed poetry can come in slices…

Proper poetry slice, that. Well done Tomáš – yours is the finest of our 6 best Arsenal goals of the 2013-14 season!