5 more pundit fashion faux-pas

Starring Glenn Hoddle, Rio Ferdinand, Michael Owen, Martin Allen, a spider and Adrian 'Ray Mears' Chiles.

Glenn Hoddle, perpetrator of one of our favourite pundit fashion faux-pas
CAM-TOE: Hoddle (Image: Doha Stadium Plus Qatar)

Following on from the Dennis Wise inspired top 5 pundit fashion fails, we asked our readers if they could recall other offenders of recent history.

True to form, they came up with the following pearlers…

Glenn Hoddle camel toe

That’s right, folks – Glenn Hoddle camel toe. Prepare to shudder really quite vigorously…

Shoutout to Glen Hoddle's camel toe!! pic.twitter.com/yX2QWWlB4o

— The Football Jester (@FootballJester) June 12, 2014

Words. There aren’t any.

Rio Ferdinand easyJET suit

The QPR defender sported this eye-catching arrangement of buttons while punditing for the BBC during last summer’s World Cup…

. @rioferdy5 must be pushed for time tonight!Straight after full time he has to get home for his @easyJet interview pic.twitter.com/G4C1oBsNm4

— NevsFootyNaps (@NevsFootyNaps) July 13, 2014

Even eminent cricketer Michael Vaughan had a pop…

What time we flying back @rioferdy5 ? pic.twitter.com/SBi1KGrsIs

— Michael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) July 13, 2014

Adrian Chiles shorts

A third on the trot to come from Brazil 2014, check out the now-former ITV presenter’s survival gear…

How long has Ray Mears been presenting the footy? #SafariChiles pic.twitter.com/TDzGzRUn5d

— Dave Seed (@dave_seed) June 29, 2014

Michael Owen moustache

First there was this…

#Movember update. pic.twitter.com/y3EtcqHt

— michael owen (@themichaelowen) November 8, 2012

…and then came this…

Michael Owen moustache, one of our top pundit fashion faux-pas

Can you get a handle on that?

Martin Allen cardigan

God punished the current Barnet manager for his somewhat ostentatious cardie by sending a spider scurrying up his lapel live on telly…

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