The best tweets and jokes from the World Cup final

Brazil 2014 is brought to a thrilling climax as Germany lift the trophy following a 1-0 extra-time win over Argentina.

Germany will be so pleased with their Brazil 2014 win, they probably won't even read the tweets and jokes from the World Cup final
WON: Germany (Image: Agência Brasil)

Brazil 2014 was brought to a thrilling climax last night as Germany lifted the trophy following a 1-0 extra-time win over Argentina, check out the best tweets and jokes from the World Cup final.

This is the end!

A stunning late Mario Götze winner for Joachim Löw’s side was to be the final goal of a fantastic tournament that will long be held in the memory.

And so, for the the last time before another four years are up, don’t miss the best tweets and jokes from the World Cup final:

All eyes on the #WorldCupFinal! #GERvsARG pic.twitter.com/Go8btXvg5Y

— 98FM (@98FM) July 13, 2014

Apparently 1 billion are watching World Cup Final. The other 5 billion are working to make sure the world doesn't fall apart. #GERvsARG

— RED SPORTS (@redsports) July 13, 2014

Did Messi’s mom bring orange slices for everyone or was today someone else’s turn? #GERvsARG #WorldCup

— Adam Davis (@amdhit) July 13, 2014

If I was Danny Murphy I'd very pointedly be warming up in front of the producer and looking at Lawro shaking my head. #GERvsARG

— The Media Blog (@TheMediaTweets) July 13, 2014

Forcing criminals to watch @itv coverage of #GERvsARG as a new form of punishment….. pic.twitter.com/iS4krq7W4P

— Frank Drebin (@Frankie_Drebin) July 13, 2014

We get it! Jesus statue, we got it. Thanks. #GERvsARG

— Rory Scovel (@roryscovel) July 13, 2014

You know it's Messi when this happens (2)… pic.twitter.com/ZVtyYapxB5 [via @Castrol] #GERvsARG

— MESSISTATS (@MessiStats) July 13, 2014

#GERvsARG #GERARG pic.twitter.com/zyziQWnqmH

— Olaf (@OlafDV) July 13, 2014

If anyone is even thinking of switching over to Titanic, it sinks. You're welcome. #GERvsARG

— JUST-EAT.co.uk (@JustEatUK) July 13, 2014

It was so beautiful that even Suarez couldn't resist. #GERvsARG #WorldCupFinal pic.twitter.com/deZhEkt8vK

— KICKTV (@KICKTV) July 13, 2014

Javier Mascherano competing with Bruno Martins Indi for 'scariest stare of the #WorldCup competition'…#GERvsARG pic.twitter.com/q0inR4dUnU

— FTBpro (@FTBpro) July 13, 2014

Pope Benedict and Pope Francis should be made to take penalties if extra time doesn't solve this. #GERvsARG

— Greg Jenner (@greg_jenner) July 13, 2014

The #WorldCup final streaker had 'Natural born prankster' written on his chest…#GERvsARG pic.twitter.com/baJSiLbmNU

— FTBpro (@FTBpro) July 13, 2014

God can't decide which Pope's prayers to answer! No equity of the incumbent. #GERvsARG

— Joel Tabora, SJ (@Joeltaborasj) July 13, 2014

I laughed more than I should have ?? #WorldCupFinal #GERvsARG pic.twitter.com/QGtd3yXMvw

— Aidan. (@AidanGee1) July 13, 2014

#GERvsARG is a very angry-sounding match.

— Twitnter is Coming (@OhNoSheTwitnt) July 13, 2014

What do Argentina and a drunk frat boy have in common? Neither can finish. #GERvsARG

— Annie Colbert (@anniecolbert) July 13, 2014

Why is Mascherano forcing him? Lmao #GERvsARG pic.twitter.com/hxn6Kqc7PQ

— ???z?? ¢????? (@TheRawestMike) July 13, 2014

Dammit. I apparently only had 105 minutes worth of beer in the house. Can't make a beer run now! #badplanning #GERvsARG

— T.J. Holmes (@tjholmes) July 13, 2014

Rat Tail Guy from Argentina objets to that call, gets all up in the camera to complain. #GervsARG pic.twitter.com/SmHTYvGhOp

— Rob Wesley (@eastwes) July 13, 2014

Schweinsteiger with the death stare…. #WorldCup #GERvsARG pic.twitter.com/eBBy57QUkm

— FTBpro (@FTBpro) July 13, 2014

How did they stop that bleeding so quickly cos I could do with that every month. Hi. #GERvsARG #WorldCupFinal

— Rachael (@RachaelvsWorld) July 13, 2014

Somewhere out there, even Evita is officially giving Argentina, permission to cry.

— Mike Gatto (@mikegatto) July 13, 2014

I get happy scoring down the park… Goetze must be buzzing right now!!! #WorldCupFinal #GERvsARG ????

— Simon Greatwich (@SimonGreatwich) July 13, 2014

Big ups to the producers of the World Cup who made the decision to show children crying every time a team is about to lose. #GERvsARG

— Drew Schnoebelen (@Dschnoeb) July 13, 2014

I'm crying for you Argentina #GERvsARG

— Billy Bush (@billybush) July 13, 2014

Gotze has caught the snitch, Germany wins! #WorldCupFinal #GERvsARG

— The Boy Who Lived ? (@HalfBloodTweet) July 13, 2014

This is Michael Ballack. His country just won the #WorldCup. He is a happy man. #GERvsARG pic.twitter.com/JR96EPHcIW

— Alexi Lalas (@AlexiLalas) July 13, 2014

Believe it or not these Botox fiends are actually smiling and they are each 72. #GERvsARG pic.twitter.com/pvcmZqppXq

— Rory Scovel (@roryscovel) July 13, 2014

Gotze will never have to buy a stein or lederhosen ever again #GERvsARG ???????

— david lee (@davejlee69) July 13, 2014

What Twitter really needs tonight is some John Terry 'jokes' – said no one ever #WorldCupFinal #GERvsARG

— GeoffPetersTalkSPORT (@talkSPORTgeoff) July 13, 2014

But the most important question is: Do the Germans know who Sachin Tendulkar is? #GERvsARG

— The Bad Doctor (@doctoratlarge) July 13, 2014