The best Rémi Garde jokes as manager leaves Aston Villa by mutual consent

Leaves them bottom of the Premier League, twelve points from safety with seven games remaining.

There were lots of Rémi Garde jokes after the manager left Aston Villa by mutual consent
GONE: Garde (Image: YouTube/TalkAstonVilla)

As Aston Villa’s second manager this season leaves the club by mutual consent following a string a poor results with the considerably under-performing side, these are the best Rémi Garde jokes.

Taking on what seemed to be a thankless and impossible task, the Frenchman was unable to make much headway with Randy Lerner’s suffering team.

Garde exits Villa after just 147 days in charge, leaving them bottom of the Premier League, twelve points from safety with seven games remaining.

These were the best Rémi Garde jokes after Aston Villa’s announcement that their manager had left the club by mutual consent during the international break:

Garde gone. Gabby Agbonlahor sees off his 7th Villa manager

— Andy (@Der_Wanderfalke) 29 March 2016

Remi Garde has left #AVFC. They spelt his name wrong when they appointed him and things didn’t get any better pic.twitter.com/Xd40ARSGLt

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) 29 March 2016

Villa sacking Remi Garde was poor. I texted Randy Lerner saying, "you've let your Garde down."
He didn't reply. I guess he had a lot on.

— Kevin Keegan (@GalacticKeegan) 29 March 2016

@erinrobbxo remi garde just left villa

— Seoras Shaw (@shawzy1903) 29 March 2016

Remi Garde leaves #avfc by mutual consent. After the way he was shafted in January, mutual contempt would arguably be more fitting

— John Percy (@JPercyTelegraph) 29 March 2016

Remi Garde trying to keep Aston Villa up like.. https://t.co/4bPPjeEuFq

— Not Match of the Day (@NOT_MOTD) 29 March 2016

Replays of Remi Garde's attempt at turning Aston Villa's season around.. pic.twitter.com/uXlIarmOOt

— Coral (@Coral) 29 March 2016

@IanRidley1 Good time to bury good news?

— Paul Hayward (@_PaulHayward) 29 March 2016

Summary of Remi Garde's time at Aston Villa… pic.twitter.com/eI7R3SIHkh

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) 29 March 2016

That Remi Garde has been sacked from Aston Villa.

He was about as useful as a pair of sunglasses on a bloke with one ear.

— Derek Trotter (@DelBoy_ofah) 29 March 2016

Tough on Remi Garde to get sacked after a weekend in which Villa did not actually lose

— Andrew Bartlett (@Andysixdegrees) 29 March 2016

Remi Garde got fired on his day off, Craig from Friday Lmao

— Made (@MadeManJama) 29 March 2016

A brief summary of Remi Garde's time at Aston Villa… https://t.co/32kXMpYwFs

— BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) 29 March 2016

Remi Garde wasn't as much fired, as taken to the vets and put out of his misery. He'll be a relieved man tonight.

— David Preece (@davidpreece12) 29 March 2016

More bad news for Remi Garde: he's pencilled in as Leeds manager for the first fortnight in September #lufc

— MrPaulRobinson (@MrPaulRobinson) 29 March 2016

When you hear Remi Garde has left Aston Villa pic.twitter.com/3uKAGNZWhk

— Football Tips (@footballtips) 30 March 2016

After being relieved of his duties by Aston Villa. Remi Garde has moved quickly to update his LinkedIn account… pic.twitter.com/BAijYYBfqx

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) 30 March 2016

Villa wins under Garde – 2.
Villa players getting wankered infront of the press under Garde – 3.#GardeEffect pic.twitter.com/nhooH6M9ko

— charlie cox (@charlie_cox6) 30 March 2016

Of course David Cameron doesn't care about the steel industry, he has enough on his mind with Remi Garde leaving West Ham.

— Steve Day (@TheRealSteveDay) 30 March 2016

Confronted Rémi Garde yesterday in Brum
Asked him 2 explain wot #avfc r supposed 2 do now
Said "Nothing to do with me"
A mealy mouthed reply

— Football Burp (@FootballBurp) April 1, 2016