The best Pepe play-acting jokes from the Champions League final

Couldn't fool Clattenburg.

He should hide his head in shame and not look at the Pepe play-acting jokes from the Champions League final

These are the best Pepe play-acting jokes from the Champions League final after his controversial ‘gamesmanship’ caused a stir amongst observers as Real Madrid defeated Atlético last night.

The Portugal international impressed few with his antics and failed to fool English ref Mark Clattenburg who reacted with a peculiar type of disdain as he watched the defender roll around on the floor clutching his face.

There are now even calls for the footballing authorities to introduce some kind of Pepe rule to the game.

Don’t miss the best of the Pepe play-acting jokes from the Champions League final after the Real Madrid player’s shenanigans:

Death. Taxes. Pepe being Pepe. #UCLFinal

— KICK (@KICK) May 28, 2016

FIFA have got Pepe absolutely spot on! #UCLFinal pic.twitter.com/fxMYNM8XdR

— BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) May 28, 2016

When a gust of air hits Pepe #UCLFinal pic.twitter.com/pN0HdVUcgG

— Proudiola (@ProudieYT) May 28, 2016

When you see a 10/10 on a night out…#UCLFinal pic.twitter.com/Hu8kZzuFOl

— Nubaid Haroon (@RamboFYI) May 28, 2016

The power in Felipe Luis' palm! Hope Pepe will be ok 👀 #UCLFinal

— Full Time DEVILS (@FullTimeDEVILS) May 28, 2016

Just when you think Pepe is on the path to peace & serenity he lets everyone down. #uclfinal

— Ned Zelic (@NedZelic) May 28, 2016

Surprised Pepe was able to get back up from that viscous attack… #UCLFinal pic.twitter.com/as4bf0B8La

— Ladbrokes (@Ladbrokes) May 28, 2016

Horrific footage shown of Filipe Luis attempting to kill Pepe. #uclfinal pic.twitter.com/EWBgcUHozY

— Manchester United© (@Magic_Memphis) May 28, 2016

Looool referee shaking his head at Pepe like when your mum caught you doing something bad from a distance #UCLFinal

— Raz (@raztweets) May 28, 2016

*patiently waits for the viral video of the referees tongue*#UCLfinal

— Soccer Problems (@SoccerrProblems) May 28, 2016

We would like to wish Pepe the best of luck in his reconstructive facial surgery, after taking two severe beatings tonight. #UCLfinal

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) May 28, 2016

Pepe though. #uclfinal pic.twitter.com/ivzDk7zmUw

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) May 28, 2016

When you see the waiter coming with your food: #UCLFinal https://t.co/ovzulJVyUM

— Matt Lutz (@phillysgotsole) May 28, 2016

When you can smell the dinner cooking. #UCLfinal pic.twitter.com/MW7Oc51gv6

— Free Bets (@freebetscouk) May 28, 2016

Please, give Pepe a Oscar!
And a Golden Globe.
And a Golden Bear.
And a Palm d'Or.

😂😂😂 #uclfinal

— Onefootball (@Onefootball) May 28, 2016

Pepe be like #UCLFinal pic.twitter.com/m0JAZ2qXxv

— Arda Ocal (@ArdaOcalTV) May 28, 2016

Pepe every time he gets touched #uclfinal pic.twitter.com/JCRpyaEqPV

— A.K (@AK_S_) May 28, 2016

Pepe almost killed by a mosquito again. https://t.co/zjUkyuedqb#uclfinal

— Aleksi Valavuori (@Valavuori) May 28, 2016

Pepe to fake an injury during his penalty run-up #uclfinal

— barcastuff (@barcasstuff) May 28, 2016

Bae: Come over

Ref: I'm at the #uclfinal

Bae: I'm home alonehttps://t.co/07ostssyWg

— Abraham Cavazos (@abraham_cavazos) May 28, 2016

If there is a God, Pepe's penalty will hit the bar & come back and smash him straight in the face. #uclfinal

— Coral (@Coral) May 28, 2016

When your mum says Maccy D's for dinner #uclfinal https://t.co/8qbjTenSpg

— Alex (@BullionsFilm) May 28, 2016

If he covered his mouth he'd make the sound you hear in Arab weddings when the couple enter the room #UCLFinal pic.twitter.com/93BL1S42bT

— Raz (@raztweets) May 28, 2016

Hears hoping Pepe doesn't get badly injured when he's getting his medal. #uclfinal

— Colm Tobin (@colmtobin) May 28, 2016

Of course Pepe has a selfie stick, of course he has. More reasons to hate him. #uclfinal

— Chelsea HQ (@Chelsea_HQ) May 28, 2016

Have they caught the person that shot Pepe twice during that game? #uclfinal

— Prince Harry (@Prince___Harry) May 28, 2016

Apparently Richard Gere has asked Pepe for some acting tips. #uclfinal

— Jack Carroll (@fatjacko) May 28, 2016

Pepe was hit in the face by the confetti #uclfinal pic.twitter.com/JYkxaTUEQT

— Al Pitcher (@TheAlPitcher) May 28, 2016