The best Mourinho vs Wenger fight jokes after touchline scuffle

Jokes after the two managers clashed on the sidelines as Chelsea recorded a 2-0 home win against Arsenal.

The Mourinho vs Wenger fight jokes looked something like this boxing match after the two manager's clash on the slidelines of Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal
Arsène and José finished the fight later on their own terms

Don’t miss this collection of the best José Mourinho vs Arsène Wenger fight jokes after the two managers clashed on the sidelines of Chelsea’s 2-0 victory over Arsenal at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.


Arsène Wenger stormed into Chelsea’s technical area after a particularly nasty tackle and gave José a push before returning a few moments later for some more.

These are the best Mourinho vs Wenger fight jokes after their touchline scuffle:

Wenger v Mourinho fisticuffs. Lots of quite camp pushing. Lots of flapping ties. Can't wait for the re-match.

— Dan Levene (@BluesChronicle) October 5, 2014

Not sure either Wenger or Mourinho would be much good in a scrap, but might be worth viewing.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) October 5, 2014

Never mind the game, let’s draw a chalk circle on the ground and get Mourinho and Wenger to go at each other. With swords.

— Iain Macintosh (@iainmacintosh) October 5, 2014

Wenger's rabidly sybaritic propensity has no bounds…

— Patrick Obahiagbon (@PObahiagbon) October 5, 2014

Wenger and Mourinho resembled suited commuters arguing over the last seat on the last train to Orpington. Wenger the aggressor.

— Henry Winter (@henrywinter) October 5, 2014

Wenger vs. Mourinho, main event. Wilshere vs. Terry, just before it. I'd pay to watch. Only one man can do it… pic.twitter.com/hyybmIxw6o

— Asim Tanvir (@AsimTanvir) October 5, 2014

Even the 4th official is trying not to laugh. pic.twitter.com/cnsRaITWGC

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) October 5, 2014

#Wenger and #mourinho looked like two insurance area reps arguing over the last parking space at a Travelodge.

— Phil Adamson (@PhilAdamson1) October 5, 2014

Disappointed with Wenger's behaviour on the touchline today, shoving Mourinho……should've headbutted him imo.

— Tim Stillman (@LittleDutchVA) October 5, 2014

Wenger fights like Montgomery Burns #MOTD2

— Thelonious (@TheloniousFilth) October 5, 2014

Wenger is currently polishing his FA Cup medal up, in about 10 he'll bang some squats out and call it a night. Thug life. All day long.

— Jonny (@JonnyOneill) October 5, 2014