The best Martin O’Neill at the Super Bowl jokes after TV appearance

Popped up on the BBC's television coverage of the event.

Everyone made Martin O'Neill at the Super Bowl jokes when he popped up on the BBC's TV coverage looking like this
AMERICAN FOOTBALL MAN: O’Neill (Image: Twitter/David Gaine)

These are the best Martin O’Neill at the Super Bowl jokes after the Republic of Ireland manager surprised viewers by popping up on the BBC’s television coverage of the event taking place in San Francisco last night.

Apparently treating themselves to a little holiday after securing qualification for Euro 2016 with the national side, O’Neill is said to have travelled to California with assistant manager Roy Keane.

Keane unfortunately did not appear on camera, but his boss was happy to give his thoughts on the NFL game despite having no obvious connection to the sport.

Here is our selection of the best Martin O’Neill at the Super Bowl jokes after his unexpected punditry contribution to the fiftieth clash:

Martin O'Neill, NFL expert of course

— The Normal One (@LFCTikiTaka) February 7, 2016

Can someone teach Martin O'Neill how headphones work? #SB50 pic.twitter.com/n8wZuHo7q0

— Dave Rogers (@DRoj) February 7, 2016

Martin O'Neill is on the BBC coverage of the SuperBowl, how many quarters are there?

— GCIIMessi (@GCIIMessi) February 7, 2016

Has Martin O Neill got lost on the way to the Euros??!?!??! WRONG PART OF THE WORLD MARTIN!!!!!! #SB50

— James Cummins (@SnappyJim33) February 7, 2016

Martin O'Neill, a legend of the game.

— Jordan (@Jorc94) February 7, 2016

FUN FACT: Martin o'Neill has extra ears located in his cheeks #SB50 #bbcsuperbowl pic.twitter.com/uSXQr2GGAY

— Neil Costley (@NeilCostley) February 7, 2016

This Super Bowl, as with most things, has been crying out for the input of Martin O'Neill.

— Chris Taylor (@the_itch1980) February 7, 2016

Martin O'Neill has never worn headphones before in his life pic.twitter.com/vOra6dwl8e

— Keith (@nicetrainers) February 7, 2016

Trying to figure out why Martin O'Neill is in the BBC studio #SB50 pic.twitter.com/HHTYc7AAvX

— Ladbrokes (@Ladbrokes) February 7, 2016

The BBC couldn't get any proper NFL pundits so they've got Martin O'Neill instead ??

— c o b i? (@cobibudge__) February 7, 2016

#SB50 star Kony Ealy spots Martin O'Neill in the commentary box pic.twitter.com/QNAPjGRekd

— Football Burp (@FootballBurp) February 8, 2016

Martin O'Neill is to American Football the same amount as Sam Allardyce is to Snowboarding

— Jamaal (@jamaalm) February 7, 2016

Martin O'Neill in the BBC Studio.
Please let Roy Keane in. Love to hear his thoughts on protective gear. #SB50 pic.twitter.com/zJj5HsouhV

— Betfair (@Betfair) February 7, 2016

UK TV using Martin O'Neill as a pundit. Brits can never take the piss out of American soccer coverage ever again.

— Spirit of Mirko (@mirkobolesan) February 8, 2016

"Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane on holiday in San Francisco" sounds like the greatest sitcom never made. #bbcsuperbowl #SuperBowl

— Peter Heaney (@PeteTong79) February 8, 2016

Meanwhile, Martin O'Neill… #SB50 pic.twitter.com/mNT9I9ArWo

— BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) February 8, 2016

Does Martin O'Neill go on holidays with Roy Keane?

— Dara Ó Briain (@daraobriain) February 8, 2016

The idea of Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane on a boys holiday to the Super Bowl is absolute gold.

— Chris Andrews (@chrisandrews88) February 8, 2016

I have just watched Martin O'Neill wear headphones, at the Super Bowl, converse about a sport he's never heard of. My life is complete.

— Conor (@KoloTourbae) February 8, 2016

Martin O'neill wandering on tae the wrong set

— PaulPope (@PaulPopee) February 8, 2016

So Martin O'Neill is in the #BBC booth for #SB50 which reminds me of … pic.twitter.com/qo0SHuntgU

— Daithí (@Daithionaroll) February 8, 2016

Where will Martin O'Neill show up next? Evens Cheltenham, 3/1 The Masters,6/1 French Open, 20 World Badminton Championship, 33 Giro d'Italia

— Nicola McGeady (@NicolaMcGeady) February 8, 2016

can't envisage being part of a culture that values ad breaks over watching Martin O'Neill talk about innocuous Roy Keane anecdotes

— Andy (@andyyy_1) February 8, 2016

When you're trying to find reasons for Martin O'Neill covering the #SuperBowlpic.twitter.com/Gc6tFx9LLE

— bet365 (@bet365) February 8, 2016