The best Marouane Fellaini jokes after 94th minute assist against Chelsea

The imposing midfielder is seen in a new light after another good performance and an assist for United's late equaliser in the 1-1 draw.

After his excellent performance and 94th minute assist for Manchester United's equaliser in the 1-1 draw with Chelsea, the player will be pleased to here the Marouane Fellaini jokes
GOOD AGAIN: Fellaini (Image: Erik Drost)

Manchester United fans celebrated with Marouane Fellaini jokes after another good performance from the imposing midfielder and an assist for Robin van Persie’s 94th minute equaliser in the 1-1 draw with Chelsea at Old Trafford on Sunday.

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Chelsea took the lead following a Didier Drogba header shortly after half-time, but there was to be a dramatic end to the game after Branislav Ivanović was sent off and United applied late pressure.

Strong throughout, a seemingly much improved Fellaini was well disciplined and able to significantly restrict the effectiveness of Cesc Fàbregas before his contribution to the United goal deep into injury time.

Now with one goal and one assist in two matches, check out this selection of the best Marouane Fellaini jokes after his 94th minute assist in Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea:

This is the age of Fellaini. The Afro Samurai cometh.

— TatianaMUFC (@TatianaMUFC) October 26, 2014

Fellaini is minutes away from getting Fabregas's dinner money. Just needs to tip him upside down and it's his.

— Football Clichés (@FootballCliches) October 26, 2014


— Jai (@ManUtdEU) October 26, 2014

Fellaini has been Man Utd best player so far. pic.twitter.com/3oVyy2vGZC

— lawaktahapdewa (@lawaktahapdewa) October 26, 2014

Fellaini with a 94th minute assist. pic.twitter.com/YT96kGOctU

— Troll Football (@Troll__Football) October 26, 2014

Marouane Fellaini… The most tactically disciplined performance from you. Not a £27m performance, but a £22m performance!!

— War Eagle™ (@Das_Spiel_) October 26, 2014

Missing – Cesc Fabregas Last seen – in Marouane Fellaini's pocket If found – Please return to Stamford Bridge

— Van Persie (@carrick_fan) October 26, 2014

Fellaini was the best player in a red shirt. Favourite this.. It may be a collectors item.

— Phil O'Sophist (@Fino76) October 26, 2014

In tears at Fellaini’s babyface turn. Get the novelty wigs off that bonfire.

— Fatty Bear (@GolazoDan) October 26, 2014

Hearing that Fellaini just sent Cesc to the shop for milk and bread before he gets on bus.

— Giggs Booson (@giggs_boson) October 26, 2014

MISSING PERSON REPORT: Last seen here. #fabregas #fellaini pic.twitter.com/R1t2e1BMoz

— Mufc (@Bryan_Mufc) October 26, 2014

Manchester Metropolitan Police has taken Fellaini into custody & are questioning him for the surprise disappearance of Cesc Fabregas.

— Transfer Related (@TransferRelated) October 26, 2014

Fellaini bro rawking the floor. pic.twitter.com/6g97lzj1vr

— Blind's Jawline. (@NakliRedHead) October 26, 2014

It was so refreshing today to see Fellaini nick the ball off the opponents without committing 356 fouls

— Ze (@Yanoozaj) October 26, 2014

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