The best Manuel Pellegrini hoodie jokes from Wigan FA Cup defeat

The best Manuel Pellegrini hoodie jokes after the Manchester City manager's surprising appearance in the FA Cup quarter-final defeat to Wigan.

The Manuel Pellegrini hoodie jokes were based on this sight
HOODED: Pellegrini (Image: Twitter/@TrueGeordieNUFC)

The appearance of the Manchester City manager during his side’s FA Cup quarter-final home defeat to Wigan on Sunday was the subject of much discussion on Twitter, leading to this selection of the best Manuel Pellegrini hoodie jokes.


Adorned in a dark blue, “MCFC” branded, hooded sweatshirt, the distinguished Chilean looked far from his usually smartly-attired self.

Was ‘hoodiegate’ to blame for Manchester City’s exit from the FA Cup?

Who knows?

Enjoy the best Manuel Pellegrini hoodie jokes in the meantime:

Pellegrini doesn't look right in that hoodie. Like a dad at a school disco. pic.twitter.com/nLjJQhMgEH

— The True Geordie (@TrueGeordieNUFC) March 9, 2014

Pellegrini disrespecting the FA Cup there by wearing his MCFC hoody instead of a suit. #disgrace

— David Lynch (@DavidLynchMEN) March 9, 2014

As if Pellegrini is wearing a hoody. Almost makes Tim's gilet look acceptable.

— Danielle Jordan (@DLJ88) March 9, 2014

The richest club in the world and they have Demichelis at centre back and a manager who looks like he shops at Jacamo pic.twitter.com/SlX0k4e0wj

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) March 9, 2014

Pellegrini looks like like a drugged up drunk homeless man wearing a nylon Matalan hoodie who spends his time shouting at pigeons.

— NorthBankBen (@NorthBankBen) March 9, 2014

Man City deserve to lose simply for the hoodie that Pellegrini is wearing

— Passenal (@Passenal1) March 9, 2014

Pellegrini in a hoody #JustNotCricket

— Cricket Shouts (@crickshouts) March 9, 2014

Manuel Pellegrini going all Belichick with the hoodie; just needs to cut off the sleeves for City to get going

— Bill Barnwell (@billbarnwell) March 9, 2014

That Pellegrini hoody is like what you get given at school when you forget your sports kit

— Carlo Garganese (@carlogarganese) March 9, 2014

Pellegrini wearing a Hoodie! Lol! pic.twitter.com/b9JXcTv7Ll

— Football Vertex (@Football_Vertex) March 9, 2014

Imagine your granddad going out in a hoodie like Pellegrini.

— #FreeShane (@Blame_Suarez) March 9, 2014

Whatever the result here, surely Pellegrini's wife will be having words. That hoodie is a disgrace… #FACup

— The Sun – Football (@TheSunFootball) March 9, 2014

Wigan should be awarded a goal for Pelligrini's hoodie. Ut uh.

— Darryl Duffy (@Duffers9) March 9, 2014

Pellegrini rocking the hoody is like my Dad wearing a pair of Nike Air Blazer. Doesn't look right. Club merchandise will be buzzing though ??

— Kevin Betsy (@kevinbetsy) March 9, 2014

If Pellegrini takes one thing away from this match it should be to never wear that hoodie again #HoodieGate #MUFC

— StanJames.com (@stanjames) March 9, 2014

Get in Wigan! Serves Pellegrini right for wearing that absolutely disgusting hoody.

— Jono Yates (@jonoBLITZ) March 9, 2014

I think seeing Pellegrini in a hoody is one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen at a football match. Completely weird.

— ArsenalView (@ArsenalFCView) March 9, 2014

CityFans!Get your pellegrini #FAcup hoodie from the #mcfc club shop on monday.Ideal for the champions league too! pic.twitter.com/5keRpGdrQV

— Alan Bedford (@Comrade58) March 9, 2014

Effort put in by Wigan against City today in reverse proportion to that of Manuel Pellegrini in getting dressed #MCFC pic.twitter.com/01r5pMVidw

— ESPN.co.uk (@ESPNUK) March 9, 2014

City lost because Pellegrini was wearing a hoodie.

— Olie RG (@olie_rg) March 9, 2014

What the hell was Manuel Pellegrini doing with that hoodie on today? Looked like he was wearing his grandson's clothes. #odd

— mike_ammego (@mike_ammego) March 9, 2014

Video: Wigan stun City again: http://t.co/NIulzAHUxC – at least Pellegrini didn't get dressed up for the occasion… pic.twitter.com/i4UsLXGFDd

— FOX SPORTS Football (@FOXFOOTBALL) March 9, 2014

Hahahahahaaha pellegrini wearing that 'MCFC' Hoody, looks like he's brought it out the gift shop

— AJ Cox (@AaronCox_1) March 9, 2014

Pellegrini's hoody looks like it should have a list of school leavers' names on the back like the ones posh kids in Oxford wear

— Bruce Gorrie (@BruceGorrie) March 9, 2014

City didn't even give Wigan any respect. Pellegrini would never wear a hoodie when facing Wenger or Mourinho.

— Brad Gibsön (@TheGibson10) March 9, 2014

City deserved to lose as soon as Pellegrini decided he was going to wear a hoody for the game this morning.

— Brett McCarten (@BrettMacca) March 9, 2014

The only time I'd ever back the 'Moyes Out' campaign is if he wore a MUFC hoodie. Jesus.??

— Gaz (@CantonaManc) March 9, 2014

Pellegrini in that hoody was a disgusting image. No one over 70 should be in a hoody. Take the cup seriously and wear a suit damn it.

— Gary Pounder (@GaryPounder) March 9, 2014