The best Manchester United tactics jokes after 81 crosses v Fulham

After 81 crosses against Fulham, Moyes's approach has been ridiculed by this selection of the best Manchester United tactics jokes.

A level crossing that could be one of the best Manchester United tactics jokes
CROSSING: United (Image: AustralianPhotos)

After 81 crosses against Fulham on Sunday, Moyes’s approach has been ridiculed, leading to this collection of the best Manchester United tactics jokes.

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All the crossing couldn’t result in a win for Manchester’s most beleaguered manager, as Darren Bent’s late equaliser secured a draw for René Meulensteen’s side.

And the rest of the Premier League are enjoying it while they can.

Here are the best Manchester United tactics jokes after 81 crosses v Fulham:

On United: "54 wasted crosses…" #GNevQuotes pic.twitter.com/Umd3zDbYn5

— Gary Neville Quotes (@GNevQuotes) February 9, 2014

Another bad day for United at Old Trafford. We caught a glimpse of Moysies tactics notepad pic.twitter.com/k5TBmx0HN9

— M.Cumberbatch (@Cumberbatch1985) February 9, 2014

A picture of David Moyes' tactics board pic.twitter.com/LRHpFGWuQw

— Dylan (@United_Carolina) February 9, 2014

#DavidMoyes' tactics revealed ;) – #United #Fulhampic.twitter.com/3nafhX42hp

— Kinchit Dave (@kinchitdave) February 9, 2014

REVEALED: Man Utd's tactic board. David Moyes = #UselessManager - pic.twitter.com/W2bq38q8Mg

— Useless Managers (@UselessManagers) February 9, 2014

#mufc #tactics #crosses #crossing #united #moyes pic.twitter.com/S1R1rtIQ23

— Roger Marthinsen (@rogermarth) February 10, 2014

Manchester United: a team based on movement. pic.twitter.com/EMedx9IeNr

— Jonathan Liew (@jonathanliew) February 10, 2014

@jonathanliew you forgot Ashley Young: pic.twitter.com/QvHQHpnIhM

— Dave Shuttleworth (@Coolidge_) February 10, 2014

David Moyes latest United formation… pic.twitter.com/oWs6ou4NlF

— Will Mann (@WillMann26) February 11, 2014

Liverpool and United tactics! pic.twitter.com/rck9Inwaic

— GeniusFootball (@GeniusFootball) February 11, 2014

A neat visualisation of how Fulham have dealt with United's crossing. pic.twitter.com/wMldFwlYZT

— Football Clichés (@FootballCliches) February 9, 2014

Manchester United's tactics pic.twitter.com/ouxvlnySeB

— Nooruddean (@BeardedGenius) February 9, 2014

When I saw 81 crosses go into the box and non converted… pic.twitter.com/S90MjJw2e0

— H£¢TOR (@HeMo_UnITeD) February 10, 2014

Cartoon: Moyes rues luck as Man United send in 81 crosses #MUFC #MUFCvFFC #mufcmata #rooney #Fulham pic.twitter.com/uJIyK54Uvd

— Omar Momani (@omomani) February 10, 2014

"Why did united put so many crosses in against a 6ft 7inch CB?" pic.twitter.com/IJFQBZMK9u

— Luke (@Hors_in_a_Field) February 11, 2014

Man Utd having 54 crosses to Fulham's 1…… #MUNFUL pic.twitter.com/ybUhXCKAav

— NikeAirMiller8 (@KevonMiller85) February 9, 2014

Even Catholics are learning from Man Utd on how to do the Cross.

— Chitti™ (@BodeThomas_) February 9, 2014

David Moyes-themed controller for the PlayStation… pic.twitter.com/gr5QghTOhd

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) February 10, 2014

David Moyes tactics sheet pic.twitter.com/0K3GlxiwbJ

— DailyCannon (@DailyCannon) February 9, 2014

An insight into Moyes tactical genius! #MoyesOut #MUFC pic.twitter.com/gCXVlxmiGF

— Danny OSullivan (@danieldos86) February 9, 2014

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