The best Kane Alli handshake jokes after goal celebration against Everton

Choreographed display after first goal in 3-2 win over Everton.

There were lots of Kane Alli handshake jokes as the Spurs goal celebration was ridiculed online
(Image: Twitter)

These were the best Kane Alli handshake jokes after the Spurs pair’s elaborate goal celebration routine at White Hart Lane on Sunday.

Harry Kane put the hosts ahead after 20 minutes of their Premier League clash with Everton and the strike was followed by a meticulously choreographed display with teammate Dele Alli.

Ridiculed online, here are the best of the Kane Alli handshake jokes after the first-half goal in Tottenham’s 3-2 win:

Bring in retrospective bans for goal celebrations pic.twitter.com/7O9lzYBSNt

— Andy Ha (@_AndyHa) March 5, 2017

Replay of the Kane and Alli celebration #TOTEVE pic.twitter.com/RASiMRjiuY

— Thomas Jones (@tomj191) March 5, 2017

Kane and Alli celebrate that goal by rapping the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme tune to each other. Great scenes.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) March 5, 2017

Hearing that the FA are looking into disallowing the Kane goal for producing an embarrassing handshake with Dele Alli afterwards. #TOTEVE

— UNILAD Football (@UNILADFooty) March 5, 2017

@ESPNFC Meant for baseball.

— Aaron Durand (@everydaydude) March 5, 2017

That Harry Kane, Deli Ali handshake = minus fifteen points

— benjani (@Benjanijohnson) March 5, 2017

Harry Kane and Dele Alli's handshake is the shittest thing I've seen since Pogba and Lingard's

— Sports Wankers (@SportsWankers) March 5, 2017

My thoughts on Harry Kane & Dele Alli's celebration #TOTEVE #WTF pic.twitter.com/xwI4lo6KY0

— Kaylee TJM (@KayleeTJM) March 5, 2017

3 – Harry Kane & Dele Alli will leave the ground 3 hours after everyone else as they've got to practice their special handshake. Fwiends.

— OptaJoke (@OptaJoke) March 5, 2017

All the men on the TL getting upset about the Kane & Alli handshake are just jealous that it lasted longer than they can in bed.

— Rose (@whatfamm) March 5, 2017

@ESPNFC Me after seeing that pic.twitter.com/SuaUjUwDgx

— Greg (@GregThompson7) March 5, 2017

Harry Kane and Dele Alli's super cool best friends secret handshake would have looked out of place in year 5 P.E.#TOTEVE

— 888sport (@888sport) March 5, 2017

In regards to the Kane – Alli handshake pic.twitter.com/dRlCBGFt7d

— Zito (@_Zeets) March 5, 2017

@ESPNFC for American viewing audience

— Allan Ferguson Cole (@althered68) March 5, 2017

That Harry Kane-Dele Alli handshake is on the same level as this video of country hip-hop dancing. https://t.co/4Vdi8Wb3x4

— Musa Okwonga (@Okwonga) March 5, 2017

That Kane and Alli celebration is the reason Spurs haven't finished above Arsenal in 21 years.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) March 5, 2017

Is this not an instant sackable offence for Redknapp and Souness, @SkySports? 😳😂 pic.twitter.com/p8ZUnpTFQS

— Aaron Outram (@azzle94) March 5, 2017