The best jokes from Uruguay 3-0 Russia as hosts lose final group stage match

Hosts' spectacular start comes to an end.

Luis Suárez scored in Uruguay's 3-0 win over Russia
SCORED: Suárez (Image: Anthony Booker)

With both sides already qualified for the last 16 of the tournament, Uruguay finished top of Group A after a 3-0 win over Russia on Monday, helped along by a first-half red card to Igor Smolnikov.

The Uruguayans were already two goals to the good by that point, but were then even better placed to stroll to their third victory out of three World Cup matches.

Luis Suárez opened the scoring from a free kick, with an own goal from Denis Cheryshev completing the scoring before Edinson Cavani’s first goal of the tournament.

These were the best jokes from Uruguay 3-0 Russia:

#URURUS is the most philosophical match hashtag I've ever seen

— Adam Hurrey (@FootballCliches) June 25, 2018


Found myself humming Russia's national anthem, which forced me to ask: "How do I know this?"…then it dawned on me…Rocky IV #URURUS

— Alejandro Moreno (@AleMorenoESPN) June 25, 2018


Suarez doing his second favorite thing: scoring #URURUS

— Ale (@DortmunderDevil) June 25, 2018

Cheryshev just can't stop scoring. #URURUS

— M•A•J (@Ultra_Suristic) June 25, 2018


Nothing looks more awkward and embarrassing than a face-painted fan whose team is being thumped. #URURUS

— Dan O'Hagan (@danohagan) June 25, 2018


#SBS commentator in aus are you OK because you haven't spoken in 4 minutes #URURUS #URU #RUS #WorldCup

— Cristina (@meacae) June 25, 2018

If anything this first half shows the dosing needs some adjustment against higher ranked teams #URURUS

— Marc Edwards (@edwardsmd88) June 25, 2018

If Russia doesn't score soon the players might discover that their families have been #Putin prison.


— Nick (@JWH1895) June 25, 2018

"Nothing silly, you're on a yellow". "OK…" #URURUS #worldcup pic.twitter.com/yK0CAdLyr5

— Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) June 25, 2018

Russia getting well beaten by an actual football team. Same will happen to England in due course #URURUS #WorldCup18

— Vinny Healy (@vhealy1) June 25, 2018

When you've been bullying the other kids in the neighborhood because you grew up there, but the other new neighbor decides to humble you #URURUS pic.twitter.com/pp9Pf8AZjL

— Shun Nk63 (@Shun_Nk63) June 25, 2018

Still a better lovestory than twilight #URURUS pic.twitter.com/FRUie3aHZv

— Stefan #ハチロク (@ae86sthetic) June 25, 2018

Uruguay so comfortable now they are levitating their fallen Russian opponents. #URURUS pic.twitter.com/9vmhFDs3lb

— Danny Baker (@prodnose) June 25, 2018



Show them the pictures of their families at half time. #WorldCup #URURUS pic.twitter.com/CzgSfpLoEo

— Chilekwa (@BwanaBlaze) June 25, 2018



#URURUS tourists lock your doors there’s gonna be some angry russians tonight pic.twitter.com/BHwe0x2UzJ

— ethan morgan (@apathy_hades) June 25, 2018