The best jokes from Japan 0-1 Poland as Japanese go through on fair play

Pip Senegal to qualification on cards shown.

Makoto Hasebe can now read these jokes from Japan 0-1 Poland having qualified for the last 16 of the World Cup in Russia
HANDY: Hasebe (Image: Tsutomu Takasu)

Japan pipped Senegal to the last 16 of the World Cup in Russia despite losing 0-1 to already-eliminated Poland at the Volgograd Arena on Thursday.

A goal from Southampton defender Jan Bednarek gave Poland their first win of the tournament and would have put Japan out if Senegal had beaten Colombia.

Despite that, the Japanese side settled for knocking it about slowly to each other in what made for bizarre scenes in the latter stages of the game.

With the match ending on an unusual note, these were the best jokes from Japan 0-1 Poland:

Anime Characters vs. WIFi Passwords #JAPPOL pic.twitter.com/H2SE5eTAXp

— T. (@Thomasbrechet) June 28, 2018

#WorldCup #JAPPOL #AFP

Fans of Japan cheer before the match against Poland pic.twitter.com/OPjNwI4ked

— AFP Photo (@AFPphoto) June 28, 2018

Japan’s team against Poland today #JAPPOL pic.twitter.com/XtbpgebCGK

— Cristian Flores (@crisforanime) June 28, 2018

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— Cloudbet (@Cloudbet) June 28, 2018

me rn #JAPPOL pic.twitter.com/MpTMBIUQ2y

— giulia (@ohundine) June 28, 2018

my dad deadass went to work at 5:30 am so he could come home earlier and watch #JAPPOL smh

— trisha (@hobisnobby) June 28, 2018

At least kids have better things to do than watch #JAPPOL pic.twitter.com/v3lZukAEF7

— Karol Gotfryd, in restructuring (@GotfrydKarol) June 28, 2018


The traditional Polish World Cup schedule is to play:
First game
Deciding game
Consolation game#JAPPOL

— Darth Putin (@DarthPutinKGB) June 28, 2018

Japanese Samurai chasing Polish Hussars in Volgograd to take their 3 points home (2018, Colourized)#worldcup #ageofempires #JAPPOL pic.twitter.com/KzVV9RehUa

— Forgotten Empires (@ForgottenEmp) June 28, 2018


MOOD. #JAPPOL pic.twitter.com/hloX43bwYZ

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