The best jokes from Iceland 1-2 Croatia as Icelanders bow out of World Cup

Three wins out of three for the Croatians.

Ivan Perišić can read these tweets and jokes from Iceland 1-2 Croatia at Russia 2018 safe in the knowledge he scored the winner
PREVAILED: Perišić (Image: Agência Brasil)

Iceland’s Russia 2018 campaign came to an end at the Rostov Arena on Tuesday night as Croatia made it three wins out three to top Group D.

Gylfi Sigurðsson’s equaliser from the penalty spot had given the Icelanders renewed hope of booking their place in the knockout stages.

But Ivan Perišić’s late winner consolidated a perfect start for Croatia, who will now face Denmark in the Round of 16 on Sunday.

With Argentina also beneficiaries, here are the best of the tweets and jokes from Iceland 1-2 Croatia:


Many of you have asked how Iceland finds its wonderful footballers, and why the squad has changed so little since 2016. This is how we do it. #CROICE #CROISL #ICECRO #ISLCRO #WC2018 #WC18 pic.twitter.com/oHn0ZSr48O

— Iceland Cricket (@icelandcricket) June 26, 2018

Luka Modrić wakes up to a chilly hotel room. He sits up and looks around. The floor tiles are painfully cold; he jerks his feet back into the safety of his bed. That’s weird. It’s a hot summer morning, and yet every surface is frosty. #SmiteTheWorld #ISLCRO

— Reykjavík Grapevine (@rvkgrapevine) June 26, 2018

Mandžukić is packing for the match. He unzips his bag and reaches into his pile of lucky socks; but the stack has frozen together. The steaming permafrost cotton is so cold it stings his skin. He yelps and throws down the socks, clutching his fingers. Something is wrong. #ISLCRO

— Reykjavík Grapevine (@rvkgrapevine) June 26, 2018

Ivan Rakitić is at the breakfast buffet. He tries to take a fruit bowl, but it stings his fingers; they’re stuck to the frigid tray. He tries to pour orange juice, but it’s frozen solid. The scrambled eggs are a white-cold block. He sighs, and gets a glass of ice water. #ISLCRO

— Reykjavík Grapevine (@rvkgrapevine) June 26, 2018



DAMN SON. #ISLCRO pic.twitter.com/by32n5N4Qi

— Caleb J Schroëter (@cjsvlog) June 26, 2018


By Thor´s hammer, THAT was close by Finnbogason!! #TeamIceland #FyrirÍsland #ISL #vikingclap #ISLCRO

— Inspired by Iceland (@iceland) June 26, 2018

Between now and the world cup final, more babies will be born in Nigeria than the entire population of Iceland. #CROICE #CROISL #ICECRO #ISLCRO #WC2018 #WC18

— Iceland Cricket (@icelandcricket) June 26, 2018

Was about to say Maradona's antics have been the best part of the World Cup so far, but I've just seen an LED board at #ISLCRO saying maccies do delivery now …. the game has changed

— Matt Williams (@MattWill8) June 26, 2018



Think we were at the wrong party this time :-) #ISLCRO

— Derek Rae (@RaeComm) June 26, 2018

Bjarnason continues to have trouble with his bloody nose #ISLCRO #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/htPYICf8UN

— JC Zambrano (@jc_zam_brano) June 26, 2018

My nose hurts just looking at Bjarnason #ISLCRO

— Laura Wardropper (@lauraaaclaire) June 26, 2018

Never draw blood from a Viking unless you're ready to die#isl #ISLCRO

— Dr Philip Lee (@drphiliplee1) June 26, 2018

20m: Birkir is temporarily sent off the pitch to plug his bleeding nose. It’s not for appearances or his health, but because trolls are rumoured to grow from the turf wherever a drop of Birkir’s blood falls. #ISL⁠ 0-0 #CRO#ISLCRO #NGAARG#WorldCup #SmiteTheWorld

— Reykjavík Grapevine (@rvkgrapevine) June 26, 2018


70m: Björn “The Brute” Sigurðarsson goes on. He is sacrificing a goat as he takes to the field, and wears the bloody horns. We checked: nothing in the rules about wearing bloody sacrificial goat horns.#ISL⁠ 0-1 #CRO#ISLCRO #NGAARG#WorldCup #SmiteTheWorld

— Reykjavík Grapevine (@rvkgrapevine) June 26, 2018