The best jokes as Wigan beat Hull 8-0 after scoring seven in the first half

New record league win for the Latics.

Grant McCann won't enjoy the tweets and jokes from Wigan 8-0 Hull
(Image: Twitter/Football Daily)

Wigan scored seven goals before half-time and ended up beating Hull 8-0 at home in a crucial Championship relegation battle.

Currently in administration and consequently with a 12-point deduction looming, Wigan Athletic mustered up a stunning victory at the DW Stadium on Tuesday night.

There isn't a club in the world that digs itself out of the shit quite like Wigan Athletic does.#wafc pic.twitter.com/cfLeZb9HgA

— Liam Vic Brown (@DJVicBrown) July 14, 2020

Grant McCann’s Hull City have won just once in their past 18 games, losing 14 of them. They remain in the relegation zone, now equal on the adjusted points of their opposition today.

These were the best tweets and jokes from Wigan 8-0 Hull:

Josh Magennis when he pulls one back and makes it 16-1 to Wigan pic.twitter.com/zmLttf2q8v

— niran. (@TheOfficialFNG) July 14, 2020

Grant McCann walking into Wigan’s dressing room at half time: pic.twitter.com/8PUUo62s2D

— max. (@hcafc_max) July 14, 2020

For those that think this match is over, worth remembering that Wigan were 6-0 up against Hull in 2017 and lost.

Although that was rugby league tbf.

— Daniel Storey (@danielstorey85) July 14, 2020

Can we all chip in and buy the broadcast rights to the second half of Wigan v Hull?

— Richard Osman (@richardosman) July 14, 2020

0.3% of the goals Wigan have ever scored as a league club came in the first half vs Hull

— Duncan Alexander (@oilysailor) July 14, 2020

Imagine if these Wigan Athletic players actually cared? #wafc

— Paul Kendrick (@PKendrickWIG) July 14, 2020

Hull are 475/1 to come back and win this game from 7-0 down at half time.

That means if you put £1 on, the authorities will soon arrive at your location to take you away.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) July 14, 2020

The Hull changing room at half time pic.twitter.com/a2IbwIkzH2

— Jáck (@jacksalter96) July 14, 2020



Ahahahaha. Just heard Hull commentator saying they were at 6's and 7's. It was fucking 8 pal. 8. #wafc

— RobG (@robgibson82) July 14, 2020



— Ellis Platten – AwayDays (@ellis_platten) July 14, 2020

This match is as one sided as this tub of ice cream I just opened pic.twitter.com/JJJyQCOhvu

— Ross (@RossMT96) July 14, 2020

What time does Wigan vs Hull kickoff?

Every 5 minutes lad…#wafc

— Ken (@KENIRLRN) July 14, 2020


Teams better than Hull #HCAFC pic.twitter.com/FdAtKCJYsT

— David Brent Music (@DavidBrentMovie) July 14, 2020

Trust me to bet on hull tonight #wafc #hullcity pic.twitter.com/N9ZdhEHMTb

— Matt Cross (@MattCross83) July 14, 2020

Wigan now 8-0 up on Hull.

Haven't felt this sorry for The Tigers since watching Joe Exotic.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) July 14, 2020


Wigan, facing a 12 point deduction, are 7-0 up against Hull.

If those points were deducted right now, they'd escape relegation. One spot ahead of… Hull. On goal difference. https://t.co/BI396F4UJk

— Carl Kinsella (@TVsCarlKinsella) July 14, 2020

Couple of early goals in the second half and you’re right back in it ✌️

— Russ (@blueruss1875) July 14, 2020