The best jokes as title slips away from Spurs after 1-1 draw with West Brom

Now seven points behind league leaders Leicester with three games remaining.

Mauricio Pochettino will not want to hear the jokes after Spurs 1-1 West Brom as their Premier League title challenge slips away
COULDN’T GET PAST PULIS: Pochettino (Image: YouTube/SpurredOn)

These were all the best jokes after Spurs 1-1 West Brom – a result that all but ends the home side’s Premier League title challenge for this season.

Mauricio Pochettino’s team are now seven points behind leaders Leicester with three games remaining and the latter now have the opportunity to seal the deal at Old Trafford on Sunday.

As a disappointed fanbase is preyed upon by rivals, here are the best jokes after Spurs 1-1 West Brom as their title challenge slips away:

Spurs waving goodbye to the title race like…https://t.co/8pXmoxZpab

— 3rd Eye (@3rdEyeNot) 25 April 2016

Spurs will still hold a bus parade for finishing 2nd

— Billy (@Billy_LDN) 25 April 2016

Spurs 1-1 West Brom pic.twitter.com/jPwh3DOHo5

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) 25 April 2016

Spurs being careful to avoid any slip ups late in their title challenge like… pic.twitter.com/gXag9QyIQN

— West Ham Dave 父 (@WestHamUtdDave) 25 April 2016

Who remembers when Spurs thought they were going to win the league 😂

— Rob – HomelesPenguin (@HomelesPenguin) 25 April 2016

Spurs fans right now.#THFC pic.twitter.com/Ij4cFmM8Df

— showmethemoney (@smtm_LFC) 25 April 2016

Spurs fans pointing at watches saying WBA are time wasting
Were watches invented last time u won the league 😄#Spurs

— Steve (@goonersteve12) 25 April 2016

Blocks Berahino's move to Spurs TWICE.
Destroys Spurs' title hopes.

NEW Arsenal manager anyone?! pic.twitter.com/VfzjUeb0KT

— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) 25 April 2016

Before you laugh at kids who believe in fairytales, remember, there are adults who believed Spurs could win the league. 😭😭😭

— Mike Sanz (@mikesanz19) 25 April 2016

At least the Spurs shirt has a seat belt on it for their title challenge crashing pic.twitter.com/d558OAnL8H

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) 25 April 2016

Spurs fans obviously so passionate about losing the league @joe_lyons pic.twitter.com/peQaiTHHKr

— Roman Kemp (@romankemp) 25 April 2016

What a waste of time for Sky discussing Spurs title chances pre-game on MNF. Should have talked about Tony Pulis' bald head instead! #WBA

— Baggies Facts (@BaggiesFacts) 25 April 2016

My younger brother is a Spurs' fan and he now looks like someone who's just had his latte spunked in.

— Cian Carroll (@CianByName) 25 April 2016

When you graduate from ruining Spurs title hopes😂😂 pic.twitter.com/jH2dbjQ5RD

— Premier League (@TheEPLZone) 25 April 2016

Just put a fiver on West Brom to win the league next season.

— tariq panja (@tariqpanja) 25 April 2016

Lot sad Spurs fans chin up remember one of your own won league pic.twitter.com/096SzT8raW

— Pete Gooner (@thepagooner) 25 April 2016

New @. Use to be @SpursOfficial

— Bottlers FC (@BottlersFC) 25 April 2016

But you know Spurs will beat Leicester in the playoffs.

— Alexi Lalas (@AlexiLalas) 25 April 2016

Anyone but Spurs.

— rapha3l (@l3ahpar) 25 April 2016


— TW (@19Wildie) 25 April 2016

Sent this to a Spurs fan on whatsapp got blocked lmao https://t.co/reTBRJr3dz

— S (@Mouhazard) 25 April 2016

so chaz and dave have to put their premier league title song on ice for another 55 years #spurs

— Tony T (@tonytouch09) 25 April 2016

Arsenal have won the league at White Hart Lane as many times as Spurs have won it in total.

— Orbinho (@Orbinho) 25 April 2016

What's happened to those chasing lions @HKane ? 🙈😂 #thfc #lcfc pic.twitter.com/F8vT8PNaX5

— Mr Geoff Peters (@mrgeoffpeters) 25 April 2016

Look on the bright side Spurs fans. Check this discount out! #THFC pic.twitter.com/UCHKWeNsaF

— Mikespace Online ™ (@MikespaceOnline) 25 April 2016

Anyone want to buy 32 tickets in the Newcastle home end?

— Kris (@Kris_Spurs) 25 April 2016

Does anyone know exactly when spurs are coming for us

— Nigel Marston (@njm1963) 25 April 2016

Tell a man a joke and he'll laugh for a few seconds. Show a man Tottenham Hotspur and he'll laugh for a lifetime.

— Nick (@PNickJ) 25 April 2016

That moment when you finish above Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd but still don't win the title. #spurs pic.twitter.com/kNhli2O0v1

— Zeze Hampton (@Zeze_MUFC) 25 April 2016

@WBAFCofficial @GaryLineker Get him to shag crisps with Sir Pulis

— Tyler (@Schweiderlin) 25 April 2016

Since Spurs last won the league George Foreman has taken up boxing, won Olympic gold, had a few comebacks and gave us the Foreman Grill.

— Gooners 24/7 (@Gooners247) April 25, 2016

.@DonRanieri has finally heard the news from White Hart Lane… #Spurs #TotWba #LCFC pic.twitter.com/4ij0vr9Zn4

— Blue Army TV (@bluearmy) 25 April 2016

Might as well lay down if you're going to count how many years ago Spurs last won the league pic.twitter.com/HOkQYHSOMw

— Raj (@TightEndMarlhi) 25 April 2016

At least @HKane has seen a PL title winners parade, goodnight @SpursOfficial and it's fans 😂 pic.twitter.com/h0tqDVHFtk

— Mr Controversial © (@DeejayDt) 25 April 2016