The best jokes as Ross Barkley picks up FA Cup winners medal

Has only appeared for 17 minutes of the competition all season.

Ross Barkley picked up an FA Cup winners medal in full kit after Chelsea beat Manchester United
WINNER: Barkley (Image: Catherine Kõrtsmik)

Ross Barkley received an FA Cup winners medal at Wembley following Chelsea’s 1-0 win over Manchester United on Saturday, despite barely making an appearance in the competition.

The former Everton starlet and unused substitute on the day was only included in the action for 17 minutes all season but nevertheless appeared on the pitch after the final whistle in full kit.

Rival fans were quick to judge and these were the best of the tweets and jokes as Ross Barkley picked up FA Cup winners medal:

Ross Barkley "I left Everton because I was fed up watching finals on T.V. I wanted to experience one from the bench & now I have. Sitting in those big seats is what it's all about"

— Jim Gillen (@jimgillen81) May 19, 2018

Ross Barkley will go down in the record books as an FA Cup winner, despite contributing FA..

…see what I did there… pic.twitter.com/gQKpAhIxNR

— P.O.G. (@Poggymac87) May 19, 2018

Ross Barkley looks like the groom's future brother-in-law on the stag do, putting on a fake smile and posing for group pictures, even though he's having a horrible time and none of the other lads have spoken to him since a couple of bars back. #FACupFinal

— Kris Hutchinson (@HutchTweeting) May 19, 2018

Ross Barkley has won more trophies than Harry Kane

— Amy #ItsComingHome (@ManLikeRudiger) May 19, 2018

Nice to see Ross Barkley finally get his hands on a winners medal, that's why he left everton, to win things

— Chris (@_Chris_Hurst_) May 19, 2018

Credit where credits due, Ross Barkley has gone to Chelsea and moreless single handedly won them that Fa Cup playing a whole 17 minutes in the competition.. Showing what a great addition he was to the Chelsea squad.. @RBarkley20

— Everton Central (@EvertonCentral_) May 19, 2018

Last 23 years of trophy’s Ross Barkley 1 Everton F.C. 0

— Billy Carney (@BillyCarney85) May 19, 2018

If Ross Barkley got a winners medal for his contribution I want one

— Harry Hesketh (@HashtagHarry__) May 19, 2018

Ross Barkley out here getting his FA Cup winner’s medal like the kid on your school project who did none of the work and still got a good grade

— Royal Brands Mersey (@RBMersey) May 19, 2018

Ross Barkley picking up an FA Cup Winners medal reminds me when I won slimmer of the week @WeightWatchers when I'd just come back from three weeks all inclusive in Tenerife having put two stone on #falsevictory

— Andy Nicholls (@nicx62) May 19, 2018

If Ross Barkley gets an FA Cup Medal, does that mean when Madrid win the Champions League in Kiev I get a medal too because I visited the Ukraine once?

— Richard (@born1878) May 19, 2018

Nice of the Camp Nou faithful to remember Ross Barkley too, whose career also ended this season pic.twitter.com/5zuV2LvROd

— Stephen Sutton (@dullardcostner) May 21, 2018

The Chelsea Mascot played a bigger role today. pic.twitter.com/fC5dQgUbwF

— John Merro (@johnmerro1) May 19, 2018