The best jokes as PSG’s Serge Aurier refused entry to UK ahead of Arsenal clash

Had visa revoked after conviction for assaulting a police officer.

PSG's Serge Aurier was refused entry to the UK ahead of their Champions League tie with Arsenal and we collected the jokes
BARRED: Aurier (Image: football.ua)

These were the best jokes as Serge Aurier is refused entry to the UK and looks set to miss Paris Saint-Germain’s Champions League group stage tie with Arsenal on Wednesday.

The Ivory Coast international defender reportedly had his visa revoked after he was convicted of assaulting a police officer in September.

Said to be currently in the process of an appeal, the French side believe the player should be presumed innocent for the time being and accused the Home Office of a “tardy response” with their decision.

There is no right to appeal against the ruling and so here are the best of the jokes as Serge Aurier is denied entry to the UK ahead of Arsenal vs PSG:

Yes, his name is Serge Aurier.Dangerous terrorist, he's with Boko Haram. pic.twitter.com/GJEHt8jGev

— Michel-Michel-Michel (@LeKouss) November 22, 2016

So @Serge_aurier had been denied entry to the UK.@_nachomonreal be like… pic.twitter.com/D5JHksBxxB

— Moh Haider (@ArsenalMoh8) November 22, 2016

Aurier is a dangerous right wing threat hence he's been banned from the UK #pardonthepun

— TwinkleTips-OFFICIAL (@TwinkleTip_) November 22, 2016

Mustafi taking a pic of England,to show Serge Aurier what it looks like. pic.twitter.com/KPLmnejVzM

— Shaun H (@MouthyMustafi) November 22, 2016

Yes officer. Serge Aurier. A-U-R-I-E-R. Do what you can… pic.twitter.com/aoRQGrF9F0

— TheFootballRepublic (@TheFootballRep) November 22, 2016

Unconfirmed reports that a group of Chelsea fans refused to allow Serge Aurier to board the plane to London….

— Tim Stillman (@Stillberto) November 22, 2016

The Simpsons even predicted Serge Aurier trying to get into England. pic.twitter.com/6lDjLHQCYo

— Shaun H (@MouthyMustafi) November 22, 2016

Breaking News: Revealed the picture of the customs officer who refused Serge Aurier entrance to the UK#AFCvPSG pic.twitter.com/UZSo1ySLGn

— ArsenalFanTV (@ArsenalFanTV) November 22, 2016

Hello @PSG_inside We are sorry for Sheguey Aurier but we have a Right Back for 0€. His name is Branislavinho Ivanovicinho, new crack ! pic.twitter.com/gLElKbblsh

— mirak (@TomaHauuk) November 22, 2016

#PSG say refusing Aurier a visa is "a lack of respect"

No PSG, the punching of a police officer was a 'lack of respect'.

— Ben (@ClassOfMesut) November 22, 2016