The best jokes as Pogba and Zlatan both score in Man Utd win at Swansea

Much-vaunted, under-pressure summer signings return Mourinho's side to form.

Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimović both scored in Swansea 1-3 Manchester United and so there were jokes
BOTH SCORED IN WALES: Pogba and Zlatan (Image: Ardfern)

These were the best jokes as much-vaunted, under-pressure summer signings Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimović both managed to score in Manchester United’s 3-1 win at Swansea City on Sunday.

After just fifteen minutes of the game at the Liberty Stadium, relieved supporters of José Mourinho’s stuttering side were treated to a long-range stunner from the £89m Pogba whose perceived under performance has been one of the main talking points of the season so far.

His Swedish team-mate, who hadn’t scored in the previous three games, then went on to net twice, putting the game to bed before half time.

Fans were initially sceptical of the starting line-up:

Calling all ManUtd fans

Listen attentively

If you want to watch some entertainment

Go watch Liverpool play

— Manchesterspeak (@Manchesterspeak) November 6, 2016

@ManUtd Start Martial or I'll microwave my cat. pic.twitter.com/H7aBXJAZ5E

— ㅤㅤ (@FrenchBalIer) November 6, 2016

But it all turned out fine in the end.

Here are the best of the jokes as both Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimović score to help Manchester United return to form with a 3-1 win over Bob Bradley’s Swansea:

I don't mean to alarm anyone, but Paul Pogba has actually done something. 1-0 Man Utd.

— TheODDSbible (@TheOddsBible) November 6, 2016

Manchester United fans after Pogba goal… pic.twitter.com/ZTjWkErHaz

— Footy Jokes (@Footy_Jokes) November 6, 2016

That goal from Paul Pogba was worth £89m. Done. No more comparisons.

— Liam Canning (@LiamPaulCanning) 6 November 2016

Pogba doing the Lord's work!

— Musa Okwonga (@Okwonga) November 6, 2016

When your team is playing but Candy Crush is life. #SWAMUN pic.twitter.com/RiXaQ8EF0w

— UNILAD Football (@UNILADFooty) November 6, 2016

Jose texting Faria to take Pogba off but Faria has put his phone on silent. This is his moment.

— Red (@ThatBoyGiggsy) 6 November 2016

Normal haircut for Pogba. Great goal. Can't wait for him to shave "Pick that one out you poverty wanker" into his head at half time.

— GeorgeWeahsCousin (@WeahsCousin) November 6, 2016

📰 BREAKING NEWS: David Blaine’s world record of doing nothing in a box for 44 days is SAFE after Zlatan Ibrahimović’s goal against Swansea. pic.twitter.com/EBiaE65tFg

— bet365 (@bet365) November 6, 2016

Manchester United are 2 up at Swansea. Ibrahimovic and Pogba with the goals. Crisis over!

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) 6 November 2016

The Lord doing Zlatan's work

— Musa Okwonga (@Okwonga) November 6, 2016

Zlatan and Pogba scored in the same match

Liverpool top of the league

Manchester United are winning pic.twitter.com/t3cIM1WmRS

— Footy Jokes (@Footy_Jokes) November 6, 2016

A minute's silence for those who took Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wayne Rooney and Paul Pogba out of their FPL. #FPL #MUFC

— Naveen Ullal (@UllalIBT) 6 November 2016

Someone somewhere sold Zlatan last week, watched Zlatan score twice, then bought Zlatan back in #FPL

Zlatan Suspended now for next game

— FantasyYIRMA #FPL (@FantasyYIRMA) 6 November 2016

Zlatan on booking: "I thought you played rough in England? I heard that's what they do. Everytime I have played rough, I get a yellow."

— Manchester United (@ManUtdUpdates_) November 6, 2016

@ManUtd @paulpogba @Ibra_official man tried to kill jones pic.twitter.com/hJf6iyKjKQ

— Waz ♛ (@YourBoyWaz) November 6, 2016

Zlatan didn't score in all those games cause he was waiting to score the 25,000th goal. pic.twitter.com/x031YD9AaT

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) November 6, 2016

"So Zlatan, did you know you scored the 25,000 PL goal?""I thought that was only me who had scored 25,000…" https://t.co/w1JNm2z8Bs

— BeanymanSports (@BeanymanSports) November 6, 2016

Swansea is in Wales Zlatan still in a flop in England

— JimCourier (@JCourier1) 6 November 2016