The best jokes as Nathan Jones becomes Luton manager for a second time

Says he must regain the respect of fans after he "betrayed" them.

There were lots of tweets and jokes as Nathan Jones was reappointed Luton manager
(Image: James Boyes)

Luton Town have reappointed Nathan Jones as their manager, just 16 months after he left to join Stoke.

Jones led Luton to promotion from League Two but left the club despite continuing their good form into the next season.

Nathan Jones states: “I’m glad to be back, I only went to Stoke for better childcare. I was in a tricky position and I was just doing what any father would do” #COYH #WALT pic.twitter.com/XEigaOoWvU

— We Are Luton Town (@wearelutontown) May 28, 2020

However Stoke City sacked the 46-year-old Welshman in November after he won just 6 of 38 games in charge.

These were the best jokes and tweets as Nathan Jones becomes Luton manager for a second time:

He's been gone too long

— Rich Stone (@richstone99) May 27, 2020

Swear you just swap between the same two managers

— Aaron (@aarongosling_) May 28, 2020

Nathan Jones to the Luton fans that want him back pic.twitter.com/JJoVtbVgo9

— greeno (@Joe_Green123) May 27, 2020

Inside footage has emerged from Gary Sweet and Nathan Jones meeting earlier in the week. #COYH #LTFC pic.twitter.com/SoT9kfEJ4P

— Matt (@MJC19931) May 28, 2020


— Reece (@BoroFCcentral) May 28, 2020

exceptional news for the dad gag community with Luton deciding that Nathan Jones has been gone too long https://t.co/F0u0NnrkhT

— David Wilding (@drwilding) May 27, 2020


Nathan Jones. Says so in the tweet.

— Lee Payne (@ncfclee) May 28, 2020

Surprised the announcement wasn't him in his Stoke top.

— Andy Sharp (@AndySharp2) May 28, 2020


— James (@_jamesnicolson) May 28, 2020

Absolute limbs first game of next season when we beat Watford at home and Nathan knee slides in front of the oak road

— Bertie (@Bertietb_66) May 28, 2020

#nathanjones on his first match back to and empty Kenilworth Road https://t.co/VVua1QCGML

— Responsible Ben (@PurslowBen) May 28, 2020

That’s not Nathan Jones ! Nathan Jones was that half assed wrestler who almost wrestled at wrestlemainia before they realised he couldn’t wrestle and then he was in the film Troy pic.twitter.com/DIcDgAJ4MV

— The Great Julio Umbongo (@Jazz54203625) May 27, 2020


Got a stack of money from Stoke for a manager they have just got back on a free, great business!

— ⚒⚒ Lewis John ⚒⚒ (@ClaretBluBlood) May 28, 2020


— Simon Darwen (@Darwen88) May 28, 2020

Fucking Boris arranging for Nathan Jones to come back to Luton to deflect attention from Domminic Cummings.

— Skinny John (@JLTFC) May 28, 2020

Ask us in 9 games time.

— Jamie (@jamie_castle96) May 28, 2020