The best jokes as Manchester United exit the League Cup on penalties to Middlesbrough

Premier League giants missed three spot-kicks at Old Trafford against the Championship side.

Louis van Gaal won't want to look at the jokes as Manchester United are knocked out of the League Cup on penalties by Middlesbrough
WHAT HAPPENED? Louis van Gaal (Image: ING Nederland)

Manchester United were the latest big-name side to be knocked out of the League Cup as they crashed out on penalties to Middlesbrough following a 0-0 draw at Old Trafford on Wednesday night.

Wayne Rooney, Michael Carrick and Ashley Young all missed their spot-kicks and the Championship team came away with a 1-3 victory to reach the quarter-finals of the competition.

So now here are all the best jokes as Manchester United are knocked out of the League Cup on penalties by Middlesbrough:

When you rely on Wayne Rooney for a goal. #mufc pic.twitter.com/xRFHumh7NJ

— Man United News (@ManUtdMEN) October 28, 2015

We shouldn't be subjected to extra time for this Man U – Boro game.

— Atuhaire J Sherura (@julzsherura) October 28, 2015

Lvg loves possession . Scoring a goal gives possession away. That is against the philosophy

— Man_Utd is life!!! (@Man_U_4everr) October 28, 2015

Carragher's predictions are as bad as United's penalties

— Andy (@AJ3Fifa) October 28, 2015

That'll be a loooong trip back down south for United fans

— Etihad Stadium (@Etihad_Stadium) October 28, 2015

Manchester United are OUT! pic.twitter.com/TQUdiVXx7j

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) October 28, 2015

Cue United fans saying 'They're focusing on the league'

— Copa90 (@Copa90) October 28, 2015

Please MAN U fans I want to BORO money. If I don't pay I pay the Penalty!

— Gentleman (@daldino) October 28, 2015

@FootyAccums cue all Man U fans "it's a rubbish cup anyway"

— Sean Dresser (@seandresser) October 28, 2015

Jurgen Klopp reacting to news that Man U are knocked out by Boro at Old Trafford…………. https://t.co/eSCJCczA5a

— Kop End (@kopitetilldeath) October 28, 2015

Imagine earning 300k a week and not being able to hit an 8 ft by 12 ft rectangle with a round ball weighing 0.2 grams from 12 yards #mufc

— Ander™ (@Ahnaf_Rahman) October 28, 2015

Manchester United. pic.twitter.com/rMdKVVyX1b

— Footy Jokes (@Footy_Jokes) October 28, 2015

If a man steals 300k a week from a bank he's called a thief! If a man steals 300k a week from a football club he's called Wayne Rooney😤#mufc

— Mitch Clarke (@mitch5clarke) October 28, 2015

Man U fans dey form sleep….. Don't worry, we will remind you in the morning. Sweet dreams pic.twitter.com/MyPgExO0AO

— Adé O. 'SNC' (@StrictlyNaija) October 28, 2015

Our game summed up in a vine #mufc https://t.co/5X8QYESJM9

— Jade ♡ (@JadeStamate) October 28, 2015