The best jokes as Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Norwich mounts pressure on Rodgers

Depressed Liverpool fans contribute as expensively-assembled side struggles to break down newly-promoted team.

These fans won't be pleased to hear this collection of Liverpool and Rodgers jokes as Liverpool draw 1-1 with Norwich at Anfield
DASHED: The hope in this young man’s eyes (Image: Göran Jönsson)

These are the best jokes after Liverpool 1-1 Norwich City, as Brendan Rodgers’s side continue their slow start to the new Premier League season.

The increasingly scrutinised manager and his expensively-assembled side were the subject of much criticism as they struggled to break down the newly-promoted Canaries.

Including contributions from depressed Liverpool fans, here are the best jokes we could find following their 1-1 draw with Norwich at Anfield on Sunday:

"If Liverpool were playing at the bottom of the garden, I'd pull the curtains" – Bill Shankly

— David (@lfcmaestro23) September 20, 2015

Brendan Rodgers still has a job at Liverpool #LFC https://t.co/10bViuK5RR

— Wrestling LAD (@WrestlingLAD) September 20, 2015

when I die I've told my mum to get Liverpool to lower me down into my grave so they can let me down one last time

— . (@LFC_RV) September 20, 2015

I'm taking a break from supporting Liverpool. Thanks for all the sorrow you've brought me this past year, I won't forget it. Appreciated.

— YB (@Charles_Yngboss) September 20, 2015

Things Rodgers has improved since 2012: - His income - His bird - His home - His teeth - His tan Things he hasn't improved: - Liverpool FC

— AnfieldConnection (@LFCfamily5) September 20, 2015

Brendan Rodgers right now. pic.twitter.com/rbg0Z72GYU

— Not Match of the Day (@NOT_MOTD) September 20, 2015

Lets take a moment and laugh at Norwich City. They just dropped 2 points against Liverpool. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

— Troll Football (@Troll__Football) September 20, 2015


— MY_MUMS_COLA (@MY_MUMS_COLA) September 20, 2015

The worst thing about being a Liverpool fan is having to wait for the 2nd page of the league table to load to see how many points you have

— Andy (@AJ3Fifa) September 20, 2015

Dear Klopp, Your stuff is ready! Sincerely, Liverpool fan #KloppForTheKop #LFC pic.twitter.com/djxKyEWASH

— Kuwaiti Scouse (@KuwaitiScouse) September 20, 2015

At least the Liverpool players look extremely moisturised.

— Paul Sinha (@paulsinha) September 20, 2015

Supposedly Africa's richest man wants to buy Liverpool now. If they keep playing like this I'll be able to buy #LFC myself.

— Dave O’Connell (@DaveOCKOP) September 20, 2015