The best jokes as Leicester are crowned champions after Chelsea 2-2 Spurs

It's all over, they've done it.

Some actual foxes look on oblivious as Leicester are crowned champions, and neither will they get these jokes

As Leicester are crowned champions following Chelsea’s comeback from two goals down against Spurs, here is a selection of the best jokes about the Foxes’ remarkable success.

All around the world, people will be waking up this morning and asking themselves whether it was all just a crazy dream.

But it’s true: Claudio Ranieri’s men have won the Premier League title, and with two games to spare, having started the season at odds of 5000-1 to do so.

Words well and truly fail to do the achievement justice, unless perhaps they’re in joke form, so have a look through this round-up of the best ones as Leicester are crowned champions:

Tonight in Leicester https://t.co/JAGKPhXR0q

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) May 2, 2016

Leicester fans walking into work this morning: pic.twitter.com/MO1EegtUnO

— Coral (@Coral) May 3, 2016

Today’s show @BBCRadio2 in four words:

Leicester. Leicester. Leicester. Leicester.

— Jeremy Vine (@theJeremyVine) May 3, 2016

Harry Kane's instagram of lions chasing down Leicester + Vardy's riposte last night (via @wadepretorius ) pic.twitter.com/zckUkHaLHR

— Martyn Ziegler (@martynziegler) May 3, 2016

Leicester are the first club to win a league title with that terrible football league website template.

— Tosser Ticket Tout (@Terry_Nutkin) May 3, 2016

The tennis equivalent of Leicester winning the Premier League would be Leicester winning Wimbledon. https://t.co/Bo2cIFinUq

— Brian Phillips (@brianphillips) May 3, 2016

MUST WATCH: Wes Morgan, Leicester City's captain, at Jamie Vardy's party last night pic.twitter.com/Mn054McVHq

— Copa90 (@Copa90) May 3, 2016

Text from Leicester: "First we find a king in a car park, now this! On. A. Roll." Gotta hand it to them.

— Elizabeth Windsor (@Queen_UK) May 3, 2016

Asian parents in Leicester this morning still saying to their kids "forget football, you're still going to med school."

— Nihal Arthanayake (@TherealNihal) May 3, 2016

Every time you celebrate Leicester's victory, the odds of another Kasabian album get more likely. Please take that into consideration.

— Jim Waterson (@jimwaterson) May 3, 2016

Anybody know what time the 'Why Leicester winning is a bad thing' think-pieces are due? Or when we'll be told what it means for Brexit?

— The Media Blog (@TheMediaTweets) May 3, 2016

Dad, how did Leicester win the league?"

"Well son, it all started with an ostrich." pic.twitter.com/sTrdiOBHAA

— BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) May 3, 2016

An unfancied underdog team
Outfoxed all the cream of the cream
The best of the best're
Officially Leicester
Who dreamed an implausible dream

— Mick Twister (@twitmericks) May 3, 2016