The best jokes as late Jordan Pickford howler at Anfield gifts Liverpool 1-0 win over Everton

Failed to deal with seemingly harmless shot deep into added time.

A Jordan Pickford mistake gave Liverpool a 1-0 win over Everton in the Merseyside derby
(Image: Oleg Bkhambri)

The Merseyside derby was decided by a freak goal after Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford failed to deal with a seemingly harmless shot that bounced off the crossbar.

Liverpool substitute Divock Origi nodded in the rebound after Virgil van Dijk’s sliced attempt in the 96th minute at Anfield on Saturday.

The stadium erupted after the added-time goal with manager Jürgen Klopp running onto the pitch to celebrate with the players.

Here are the best jokes we could find after Jordan Pickford’s blunder in Liverpool 1-0 Everton:

Pickford when he gets in the changing room.. #LIVEVE pic.twitter.com/doDZYLGxlA

— Ben Shaws (@benshaws22) December 2, 2018

Pickford man of the match

— Melissa (@MelissaJHendo) December 2, 2018

Pickford absolutely livid in the dressing room after his mistake pic.twitter.com/Rq9BcxQUVF

— Will (@WillLUHG) December 2, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Pickford explains his actions that allowed the Origi goal pic.twitter.com/vj9nLhcFoz

— Rex (@ThatRexGuy) December 2, 2018

God bless Jordan Pickford, for using every inch of his inch-long arms to keep that in play.

— MaCkA (@Kopology) December 2, 2018

Goal – ORIGI

Liverpool 1-0 Everton (90+6 mins)#LIVEVE #FPL

— Fakery Premier League (@OfflcialFPL) December 2, 2018


Remember that time Jordan Pickford tipped a ball going out of play directly to Divock Origi for a 96th minute winner in the Merseyside Derby that was awesome

— nate (@natefc) December 2, 2018

#LIVEVE Pickford… pic.twitter.com/EZjcr754J8

— BWF (@BenWFinch91) December 2, 2018

An early Christmas gift from Pickford. #DerbyDay

— Jim Beglin (@jimbeglin) December 2, 2018

A distraught Jordan Pickford after his mistake costs Everton the #MerseysideDerby pic.twitter.com/ytqFvVn3bv

— Never Forget Football (@NFFootball_) December 2, 2018

That Jordan Pickford who earlier said "I won't blunder like Alisson".

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) December 2, 2018

Tell you what that Pickford blunder hurts but imagine he did it in a champions league final twice instead

— smart those jeans (@EFC_Dan) December 2, 2018

Divock Origi, the Crossbar, and Jordan Pickford https://t.co/oRzuzNBZVF

— corner taken quickly (@ThoseScouseLads) December 2, 2018

FFS PICKFORD https://t.co/H27WskxKpd

— ManUtdMindset (@ManUtdMindset) December 2, 2018


Everton FC have decided to send Pickford to America for the extended concussion tests. pic.twitter.com/0rRT3oJZy9

— Stuart2Caven™© (@Stuart2Caven) December 2, 2018

Thanks to Origi’s last minute goal now our gap from City is almost as tiny as Pickford’s arms.

— Captain Lallana (@ffslalllana) December 2, 2018


Me and Jordan Pickford are not on speaking terms right now

— . (@FinKitch) December 2, 2018





Give me a couple of weeks, stay tuned… pic.twitter.com/VTRCvcjrf2

— Forever Red (@ForeverRed98) December 2, 2018