The best jokes as Cincinnati use wrong photo to announce Jaap Stam as head coach

Ajax youth coach Tinus van Teunenbroek featured instead.

There were jokes as Cincinnati used the wrong photo to announce Jaap Stam as head coach
(Image: Paul Blank)

FC Cincinnati mistakenly used a picture of Ajax youth coach Tinus van Teunenbroek in social media posts announcing Jaap Stam as their new head coach.

The former Manchester United defender joins the MLS side until December 2021, with the option of another year.

Desperate to know who this person in FC Cincinnati’s Jaap Stam managerial announcement actually is pic.twitter.com/zETR0Y8vOT

— FootballJOE (@FootballJOE) May 21, 2020

But he will have been disappointed to learn that his likeness did not appear as the club told the world the deal had been signed.

These were the best jokes after Cincinnati used the wrong photo to announce Jaap Stam as head coach:

Congratulations On Jaap Stam Getting The #FCCincy Job pic.twitter.com/Bh3qrw8Hcs

— Not Sam Chipperfield (@ChipperfieldNot) May 21, 2020

Great to see Jaap Stam back in management pic.twitter.com/m1mfpUv0Zw

— Si Lloyd (@SmnLlyd5) May 21, 2020

Excited to see what Jaap Stam can do in MLS. pic.twitter.com/K52qjZFVBi

— Rob Usry (@RobUsry) May 21, 2020

FC Cincinnati names Jaap Stam as new head coach pic.twitter.com/ssz0M1L6mp

— Kyle Schnitzer (@Kyle_Schnitzer) May 21, 2020

Can't wait to see Jaap Stam clean up the mess in Cincinnati. pic.twitter.com/mp2svd66Z2

— Jason Davis (@davisjsn) May 21, 2020

Welcome to MLS Jaap Stam pic.twitter.com/v6uL2RBev5

— Jean-Paul Rison (@JeanPaulRison) May 21, 2020

There seems to be some confusion about who is Jaap Stam, the new #FCCincinnati coach. Here are some possibilities: pic.twitter.com/EOPY9bssoF

— ♫ Adriano&Paulina ♫ (@keet0007) May 21, 2020

Jaap Stam's #FCCincy announcement, a Twitter thread;

It's Jaap Stam, bitch. pic.twitter.com/3ncwrpBX46

— Connor (@ImConnorWoolley) May 21, 2020

FC Cincinatti be like 'Welcome Jaap Stam.' #MLS @fccincinnati pic.twitter.com/kM2YaLufKD

— Daniel Raza (@RazaJourno) May 21, 2020

FC Cincinnati are pleased to announced Jaap Stam, Jaap Stam, and Jaap Stam as our new co-head coaches! #AllForCincy pic.twitter.com/RRkWCNeK9S

— Cork, Ben (@corkinho) May 21, 2020


Welcome to MLS, Jaap Stam! pic.twitter.com/OxuKfwjgvJ

— New England Revolution (@NERevolution) May 21, 2020


FC Cincinnati are like "join us in welcoming the new head coach of #FCCincy, Jaap Stam!" pic.twitter.com/djb7Q58OAa

— Pablo Iglesias Maurer (@MLSist) May 21, 2020

Congratulations to Jaap Stam…on getting the #FCCincy job pic.twitter.com/DcI7xyVQhO

— MLS Ireland (@MLSwatch) May 21, 2020

Can’t believe Cincinnati thought they could pass this photo off as Jaap Stam pic.twitter.com/NHYKnISGbZ

— Cork, Ben (@corkinho) May 21, 2020

Which one is Jaap Stam? pic.twitter.com/tmn8aZwDrV

— David (@rambogooner) May 21, 2020

I, Jaap Stam, am deeply honored to be named head coach of FC Cincinnati. pic.twitter.com/ZxVLhZhvlF

— Wes Burdine, PhD in being Antifa (@MnNiceFC) May 21, 2020