The best jokes as Burnley draw 1-1 at Aberdeen after English overconfidence in Scotland

After 'new low for Scottish football'.

There were jokes after Aberdeen 1-1 Burnley following the fallout from Adam Rooney's transfer to Salford, but the Scots showed their mettle
FOUGHT BACK: Scots (Image: U.S. Department of Defense)

Aberdeen dumbfounded critics of football north of the border by holding out for a 1-1 draw against Premier League Burnley after leading for much of the Europa League second round qualifier first leg at Pittodrie on Thursday night.

Adam Rooney’s recent move from the Scottish club to Salford City led to unwanted and hurtful comparisons between the Scottish Premiership and the fifth tier of English football.

The transfer was labelled, in some quarters, as a new low for Scottish football and the tie dubbed the Battle of Britain.

These were the best jokes from Aberdeen 1-1 Burnley after English overconfidence regarding Scotland:

Burnley, first time competing in Europe in 52 years and they can't even get a flight to Aberdeen sorted. Is this a new low for English football?

— Ben Palmer (@BenjyPalmer) July 25, 2018

All smiles as Burnley squad head for meeting with tinpot Scottish opposition pic.twitter.com/1ZOnGq90pC

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) July 26, 2018

Just a reminder for Burnley fans to set their watches back 10 years when they enter Scotland today

— Robert Lodge (@lodge_robert) July 25, 2018

Listen to this and tell us you don’t want Aberdeen to give Burnley a doing tonight…. pic.twitter.com/rE0Llrsv95

— MFC Podcast (@MFCPodcast86) July 26, 2018

Good luck to Burnley fans tonight, who are going to be forced for the first time to grapple with the conflict of wanting to leave Europe and wanting to stay in both at the same time. #EuropaLeague

— Chris Taylor (@the_itch1980) July 26, 2018

Biggest game in Burnley’s history tonight

Just another summer for the mighty Aberdeen

— Spewo (@ABDNviola) July 26, 2018

Aberdeen concede throw-in to Burnley. Is this a new low for Scottish football?

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) July 26, 2018

I hope Aberdeen beat Burnley so badly tonight that talkSPORT HQ explodes.

— Robert Borthwick (@RFBorthwick) July 26, 2018

Burnley players wouldn't even make it into Salford's first XI

— Iain (@IainFrmHeasteya) July 26, 2018

Burnley being denied by a centre half pairing who just over a year ago were playing for Ayr United and Hamilton Accies.

Surely a symbol of English football's decline…

— Scott Mullen (@scottmullen87) July 26, 2018

We're not bad for a league one team #abebur #COYR

— Lewis McGeorge (@lmcg90) July 26, 2018

Burnley star bags vital away goal pic.twitter.com/T4FPRty8vp

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) July 26, 2018

Stunned that Burnley didn't notch double figures tonight given how much of a state Scottish football is in right now. Dave's nan must have been injured or something.

— Callum Carson (@CallumCarson34) July 26, 2018

Clear signs of the decline in Scottish football, as Aberdeen can only draw against lowly Burnley.#abebur

— The Pundit (@ThePundit_) July 26, 2018

Burnley player goes down: Ah soft English players.
Aberdeen player goes down: PENALTY FOUL FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM. Div Off Jocks

— thom (@thomthepilot) July 26, 2018

Just seen Burnley fans taking photos of street lights, must be good to finally be in civilisation.

— Dylan McElwee (@DylanMcelwee16) July 26, 2018