The best jokes as Borini and Lambert score in same game

All the best wisecracks as the decidedly unprolific pair bag a goal apiece in Liverpool's 2-0 win at Aston Villa.

Borini and Lambert score in same game
FAB: Io (Image: Ross Bradley)

What’s that, you say? Borini and Lambert score in same game? Are you high, man? By Jove, you’re right! Twitter must be alive with jokes right now.

On a day jam-packed with Premier League away wins, Aston Villa 0-2 Liverpool quite frankly took the biscuit featuring as it did a goal apiece for the decidedly unprolific pair.

Since the combined odds of both ending their barren runs on the very same afternoon must be bordering on the astronomical, we thought we might as well long on and give those ‘Borini and Lambert score in same game’ jokes a whirl.

Come on then, wags – let’s see whatcha got.

What a day to be alive. Both Borini and Lambert score for LFC.

— Jason. (@OMG_ItsJasonkj) January 17, 2015

What a day indeed! If Balotelli had scored as well then the world may well and truly have spun off its axis.

Borini and Lambert scored in a single game? The end is near

— Armin Mukmin (@armin_mukmin) January 17, 2015

Yes, that’s probably closer to the mark.

Borini and Lambert the scorers. https://t.co/ncw5oVX5Fi

— JustLFC (@JustLFC_) January 17, 2015

Classic clip, there. A real ‘go to’ meme.

Balotelli scores on FIFA. Borini and Lambert score for real. https://t.co/QMLWcVovJr

— Eurosport.com (@EurosportCom_EN) January 17, 2015

Nice to see Eurosport getting in on the act – great coverage of USA ’94, lads!

With Borini and Lambert scoring, who is the least likely to net a third? Place your bets now.

— LFCNY (@LFCNY) January 17, 2015

Well that’d have been ‘that man’ Mario Balotelli, not that it transpired.

Balotelli watching Borini and Lambert both get on the score sheet https://t.co/yHysqZZEHw

— RichSuper9 (@richsuper9) January 17, 2015

That’s Hodgson, not Balotelli. You can tell by the distinctive air of grumpy dejection he’s come to acquire through his work.

It's funny that what Borini and Lambert lack in quality they make up for in passion. You can see they want to succeed at #lfc

— Ross Lees-McCowan (@RossLeesMcCowan) January 17, 2015

That isn’t funny. What kind of a joke is that? This jokes round-up ends here.