The best jokes and quotes from Glenn Hoddle’s Lithuania 0-3 England commentary

Supporters left unimpressed with a perceived lack of insightfulness.

There was some decent jokes and quotes from Glenn Hoddle's commentary on Lithuania 0-3 England
LIKES THE LOOK OF THIS: Hoddle (Image: Vinod Divakaran / Doha Stadium Plus Qatar)

Here are the best of the jokes and quotes from Glenn Hoddle’s narration of England’s 3-0 European Championships qualification win in Lithuania on Monday night.

Roy Hodgson’s men completed a perfect ten qualifying wins out of ten, but a general lack of enthusiasm for the campaign so far meant that much of the chatter soon began to focus on the thoughts of our former national team manager.

Fans may never be satisfied with ITV’s England coverage, so we may as well enjoy these jokes and quotes from Glenn Hoddle Lithuania 0-3 England commentary:

Hoddle's commentary could put Gordon Banks' glass eye to sleep.

— The Middle Stump (@TheMiddleStump) October 12, 2015

"He needs just half a touch their rather than the usual full touch" wise words there from Glen Hoddle…#ENGvLIT #hoddle

— Benthespread (@benthespread) October 12, 2015

Classic Hoddle – 'He's got two feet. That's the beauty of him' #ENGvLIT

— Cllr John Ferrett (@John_Ferrett) October 12, 2015

Hoddle's co-commentary is very gentle. He sounds increasingly like a country vicar judging a marrow-growing contest

— Daniel Brigham (@dan_brigham) October 12, 2015

If I was on a desert island with a packet of hobnobs and Glenn Hoddle I'd eat Hoddle and make conversation with the hobnobs

— Scott Ryan (@Scott_Ryan_) October 12, 2015

Glenn Hoddle describes the second half tonight as "too bitty". pic.twitter.com/Nj6jwQktkB

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 12, 2015

0 – The amount of insightful contributions Glenn Hoddle makes as a commentator. Drivel

— Opta Parody (@OptaParody) October 12, 2015

Rt – Holddle commentary Fav – Airhorn Commentary #ENG #ENGvLIT

— Steviemac (@steviemac2010) October 12, 2015

Is Hoddle having a laugh? The next ten minutes critical? Only if we're talking about staying awake!! #ENGvLIT

— Rob Linsdell (@robertclinsdell) October 12, 2015

"I'm sure Roy Hodgson would have settled for 10 wins out of 10 when he got back from Brazil." Really?! Cheers Glenn! #ENGvLIT

— Brad Clark (@bradclark_184) October 12, 2015

Struggling to get the kids to sleep so I've told them to come downstairs and listen to Glen Hoddle for a bit. That should do it! #LITvENG

— Rubio (@AnthonyRubio5) October 12, 2015

"Now it's like a training ground exercise. The sort of exercise you have on a training ground" Glenn Hoddle. 2015. #ENGvLIT

— Jon Rogers (@BigGrantHolt) October 12, 2015