The best jokes after Liverpool 4-3 Dortmund Europa League quarter-final classic

Hosts stage exhilarating late comeback.

After scoring the winning goal, Lovren will laugh at the jokes after Liverpool 4-3 Dortmund, a classic Europa League quarter-final second-leg tie
NETTED WINNER: Lovren (Image: YouTube/LFCHouse)

These were the best jokes after Liverpool 4-3 Dortmund, a thrilling Europa League quarter-final second-leg tie at Anfield on Thursday evening.

It seemed like supporters of all teams came together to enjoy the hosts’ late comeback as Jürgen Klopp’s side managed to overturn an initial 0-2 deficit on the night and make it through to the semi-finals.

The stadium and social media both exploded with excitement when centre-back Dejan Lovren headed home the winner in stoppage time at the end of the second-half to make the score 5-4 on aggregate, with Borussia Dortmund heading out of the competition.

Now ensure the night lives on with this selection of the best jokes after Liverpool 4-3 Dortmund, a Europa League quarter-final classic.

Nein. Nein. Nein. #lfcbvb 4-3 (90’)

— Borussia Dortmund (@BVB) April 14, 2016

Calling the police won't help lads… #LFCBVB https://t.co/9TPlzzYKlV

— Football Tips (@footballtips) 14 April 2016

Lovren for Ballon D'or pic.twitter.com/sQIII7UpA3

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) 14 April 2016

My da ripped up his £20 bet on Liverpool at 2-0 down 😹😹

— Conor Milne (@conor_milne) 14 April 2016

Lovren in the air. #LFCBVB

— Benni Zander (@BenniZander) April 14, 2016

Manchester United fans supporting Liverpool on my timeline. Never seen anything worse in my 3023 years of watching football.

— Juan Mata (@JuanMataTouch) 14 April 2016

Lovren has just gone from 'sell him in the summer' to 'build him a statue' #LFCBVB

— karan (@KKKhushal) 14 April 2016

Alot of sick days will be taken in Liverpool tomorrow, if they had jobs

— sharpy. (@DanDansharp1) 14 April 2016

All you need is Lovren. #lfcbvb #beatles

— Norbert (@sperrenohneball) 14 April 2016

Liverpool fan since 14.04.16

— max (@MaxLdr) 14 April 2016

DEJAN LOVREN pic.twitter.com/KDVTv7Sexj

— English League BR (@EnglishLeagueBR) April 14, 2016

Liverpool fans coming outta nowhere like pic.twitter.com/21gEQrYXUx

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) 14 April 2016

who the hell is liverpool, dont you guys mean deadpool?

— Dehzi (@Dehzis) 14 April 2016

Must have been the silence at 3-1 down that inspired the Liverpool players.

— #Cutteridge (@JamieCutteridge) 14 April 2016

Liverpool vs Borussia Dortmund heat map… pic.twitter.com/QRYNgkC1mW

— Transfer News (@TrustyTransfers) 14 April 2016

Have Liverpool won the World Cup?

— Andy (@AndyVilla80) 14 April 2016

This is Endfield. #LFCBVB

— Tobi Schäfer (@tobischaefer) 14 April 2016

All people who hate Liverpool log out of social network now!😫😫😫

— Mitch Clarke (@mitch5clarke) 14 April 2016

my dad is so gassed about liverpool i can hear him crying downstairs

— em (@teersoverbeers) 14 April 2016

Will probably hear about this Liverpool game for the next 10 years ffs

— Aadam LFC (@aadambirmingham) 14 April 2016

@Polsport Madness? This is LIVERPOOL!!! pic.twitter.com/9Ck5EYb9mw

— Jakub Kacprzak (@kuba_kacprzak) 14 April 2016

I bet the Titanic wished it turned it round that quickly in Liverpool..

— K I E R A N (@ItsKieboy) 14 April 2016

When you're the designated driver on a night out and you're waiting for your mates to finish in the club #LFCBVB pic.twitter.com/rmQYiIlus0

— Steffan Williams (@steffanwills) 14 April 2016

Liverpool owe this guy a lot of credit

They may not of gone through if he didn't get injured… pic.twitter.com/XAdYqWDadu

— Oddschecker (@Oddschecker) 14 April 2016

Sahko called Liverpool a country. Make him captain tomorrow

— ⚽️ (@DejiCNO) 14 April 2016

Haven't seen Liverpool fans this happy since the Giro went up 5%

— FPLPriceChanges+ (@FPLPriceChanges) 14 April 2016

what time is the liverpool match on at

— j (@LargePeas) 14 April 2016

When you slag Liverpool prematurely pic.twitter.com/u5IyekB3XN

— Greg (@GregRudder) 14 April 2016

57 mins: Liverpool 1-3 Dortmund

62 mins: Joe Allen comes on

FT: Liverpool 4-3 Dortmund#nocoincidence

— Welsh Bandwagon (@WelshBandwagon) 14 April 2016

A caller on 5 live has just said Liverpool are back at the top of English football. I give up.

— Zak. (@legendofchelsea) 14 April 2016

Liverpool fans on 57 minutes vs. Liverpool fans at FT. pic.twitter.com/Hq8xFbbQvR

— Coral (@Coral) 14 April 2016

"YESSSSS INSTANBUL I LOVE LIVERPOOL" Spouts the 12 year old Brazilian kid who makes model Anfields out of mud.

— Cameron (@Dxhty) 14 April 2016

WHAT A GAME!! pic.twitter.com/fyq6FucGs2

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) April 14, 2016

Open top bus parade to training for Liverpool tomorrow.

— Si (@SmnLlyd5) 14 April 2016

Flights home for the Liverpool fans will be bouncing tonight

— Gary Roberts (@11_robbo) 14 April 2016

Liverpool fans right now… https://t.co/YHOGiFNHHt

— Premier League (@EPLBible) 14 April 2016

Now Watch Liverpool lose to Bournemouth over the weekend.

— Danny Welbeck (@WelBeast) 14 April 2016

Liverpool fans up and down the country at work tomorrow gonna be like… pic.twitter.com/NbaF53EcEw

— Ben McAleer (@BenMcAleer1) 14 April 2016

Most magical thing I've seen from a Liverpool manager since this pic.twitter.com/YHnZbTUMuq

— Eric Beard (@BeardEric) 14 April 2016

Liverpool, that's officially the greatest comeback since my dad came home eight years after he went for a pack of ciggies.

— Alternative Football (@AltFootball) 14 April 2016

shaun wright-phillips should be starting for liverpool

— David Quigley (@davidquigleyy8) 14 April 2016

So i turned off the TV when Dortmund were up 3-1 bc i thought the game was over and now i read Liverpool won 4-3 wowww im pissed 😭

— Mexican GBE Leader (@vuhsace) 14 April 2016

Where did Liverpool find the character to make a comeback in that game?

Oh yep, that's right… pic.twitter.com/0heOVYvxDs

— NOW TV Sport (@NOWTVSport) 14 April 2016

gonna come into college tomorrow full Liverpool kit + shinpads uno

— Joe (@j0ewilliams) 14 April 2016

dortmund threw the game cos they were scared liverpool wouldn't sing with them if they beat them

— SG (@PeleWasAFraud) 14 April 2016

Why don't you all just marry Liverpool?

— Same old Disco (@NiamhMcCarrick) 14 April 2016


— Lewis Tate (@Tatemanz818) April 14, 2016

Take a moment at this time to think about the two guys next to me who walked out on 88 minutes. #LFCBVB

— Sam Drury (@SamDrury11) 14 April 2016

AC Milan knows that feel…. pic.twitter.com/68r6PXojTF

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) April 14, 2016

Liverpool coming from so far behind and getting 4 goals to win..
I LOVREN that happens!#LFCBVB #YNWA #LFC


— ☘Gary Traynor™☘ (@GaryTraynor1) 14 April 2016