The best jokes about the Marco van Basten rule changes as new ideas proposed

FIFA technical director discussed his radical ideas with the media.

There were lots of jokes about the Marco van Basten rule changes after he proposed his ideas for football
IDEA MAN: van Basten (Image: postproduktie.nl)

These are the best jokes we could find about the Marco van Basten rule changes after the FIFA technical director discussed his radical new ideas for the game with the media.

Including scrapping the offside rule, introducing a new orange card and experimenting with sin bins, the suggestions have caused uproar amongst fans.

Here are the best of the Marco van Basten rule changes jokes:

Van Bastens plans for no offsides, sin bins and penalties like a hockey match… @MarcoVanBasten #vanbasten pic.twitter.com/4NA3M1QwFc

— Ste Doyle (@Doyle1990) January 19, 2017

Decent shouts from Van Basten, here.

Reckon they should introduce 'next goal wins' if a team is losing by 3 goals, as well. pic.twitter.com/oJpSuvdwPL

— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) January 19, 2017

@FootyAccums Also the home team can finish the game whenever they want by taking the ball home.

— Andy Moran (@MoranCKY) January 19, 2017

Marco Van Basten wants to completely scrap the offside rule in football, after successfully trialling it at Old Trafford this season.

— Coral (@Coral) January 19, 2017

@br_uk pic.twitter.com/Y2UbszPkYE

— Harun (@MesutOezil11X) January 19, 2017

@br_uk this is what happens when you live in Amsterdam too long.

— Grant Osborn 4️⃣8️⃣ (@Gosbo68) January 19, 2017

@MerlinUnited @BusbyBulletin
Orange cards! 😂😂😂
Keep your orange in Holland. 🍊

— Birgit Kreusel (@BirgitKreusel) January 19, 2017

Please protect football from Marco van Basten… pic.twitter.com/b0XNrSQSf8

— BigSport (@BigSportGB) January 19, 2017

According to Marco van Basten, FIFA is considering using shootouts in group-stage games at the 2026 World Cup..

..like in the NASL⚽️ pic.twitter.com/guTh8S1eBE

— Betsafe (@Betsafe) January 18, 2017

Part 2 of Van Basten rules list:
1)use two footballs instead of 1
2)no referees
3)managers can fist fight on the touchline

— Shaniya Mehra (@Shaaniyamehra) January 19, 2017

@paddypower the bare knuckle manager brawl gives an unfair advantage to Steve Bruce

— TheCouchCritic (@DarthJoker87) January 19, 2017

I think it's great that Van Basten has come up with a load of ideas for football after spending all day in The Bulldog in Amsterdam.

— Ste A. (@sarm0161) January 19, 2017

#vanbasten SAY NO TO DRUGS

— RedSmogRising (@RedSmogRising) January 19, 2017

Van Basten, fantastic footballer back in the day. Shame to see he has lost the plot now. pic.twitter.com/7VET5qc1wX

— 6'2 (@Mta_1991) January 19, 2017

Think Van Basten has really let himself down by omitting monkey rush goalkeeper in his new rules manifesto

— Dwayne Dibbley (@rogersworld74) January 19, 2017

Van Basten is basically trying to turn professional football into an 11-A-Side Leisure Leagues…

— Billy Hewitt (@FMSTightWadBill) January 19, 2017

One club who will fight tooth and nail to annul Van Basten's rule change on pens is #LFC as they've ever won a cup without their help.

— John Merro (@johnmerro1) January 19, 2017