The best ICC final jokes as United beat Liverpool 3-1 in Miami

The best jokes from the International Champions Cup final as Manchester United's beat Liverpool at the Sun Life Stadium.

Manchester United's manager is probably too businesslike to concern himself with the ICC final jokes as his side beat Liverpool 3-1 in Miami
WON: Louis van Gaal (Image: Paul Blank)

Here are the best International Champions Cup final jokes from Manchester United’s 3-1 pre-season tournament victory over Liverpool at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Louis van Gaal’s side managed to overturn an early Steven Gerrard penalty with two goals in three minutes from Rooney and Mata shortly after the start of the second-half, while Lingard added a late third to secure the win and prize money.

But, rather than sunny America, the real place to be during the ICC match was obviously on Twitter.

We’ve collected the best International Champions Cup final jokes from United’s clash with Liverpool at the seventy-six thousand seater home of the NFL’s Miami Dolphins…

United fans and Liverpool fans already having a go at each other over a preseason game #MUFC #LFC #LFCvsMUFC pic.twitter.com/StB4Eb0lpm

— Zain (@ZainMayet) August 4, 2014

I heard its Antonio Valencia's birthday today.Man United did not give him a cake because he already is one #LFCvsMUFC

— Sherlin LFC (@Sherlin_LFC) August 4, 2014

Am I the only one who thinks the #Liverpool players look like minions in those yellow kits? #MUFCvsLFC

— Evan Salveson (@evansalveson) August 4, 2014

Phil Jones protesting a clear penalty #lfc #LFCvsMUFC pic.twitter.com/dB9VwRvPtz

— Stewart Blair (@S_Blair1) August 5, 2014

Surprised Slippy G didn't go over to kiss the camera. #LFCvsMUFC

— JordySloan (@JordySloan) August 5, 2014

The first half summarised in pictures….. #LFCvsMUFC pic.twitter.com/trCZjYoFho

— Liverpool FC News (@LiverpoolFCbits) August 5, 2014

Louis Van Gaal not looking too happy with the way this is going #LFCvsMUFC pic.twitter.com/fpKpeECSqQ

— Lazarlallalambana (@ShawMcIver) August 5, 2014

Liverpool got merked looking like a bunch of canaries lol #LFCvsMUFC

— Spooky Bizzle (@SpartanSpooky) August 5, 2014

We got stretched like we were pregnant… We need a new Striker… #LFCvsMUFC

— Theo Barklem-Biggs (@BarklemBiggs) August 5, 2014

Attendence: 51,014 That's nice of #LFC to bring 1,014 fans. #MUFCvsLFC

— Totally Man Utd™ (@TotallyMUFC) August 5, 2014

Lets let United have their moment. After all they won't get to play outside the UK this season #LFCvsMUFC #LFC

— Forever_LFC_ (@Forever_LFC_) August 5, 2014

Liverpool right now #LFCvsMUFC pic.twitter.com/lSkTUhbe0o

— Spooky Bizzle (@SpartanSpooky) August 5, 2014

Must be nice for Luke Shaw to beat his old team team Southampton in the final #MUFCvsLFC #mufc

— Wesley Anthony White (@Wes19White) August 5, 2014

The international champions cup sounds like what Pro Evo would call the Champions League. #LFCvsMUFC

— Jack Traynor (@Jack__Traynor) August 5, 2014

Hope we don't play United in the Champions League. . oh wait. #MUFCvsLFC

— Connor (@LFCBE19VE) August 5, 2014

So when are liverpool planning to unveil a book on being runners up in the ICC cup,i'm sure there's one on the way ???? #MUFC #MUFCvsLFC

— Chiran Raghuram (@chiranraghuram) August 5, 2014