The best Gary Neville 7-0 jokes as Barcelona thrash Valencia

Barcelona demolished his Valencia side at Camp Nou.

There were all sorts of Gary Neville 7-0 jokes after his Valencia side were thrashed by Barcelona at Camp Nou
LOST 7-0: Neville (Image: Øyvind Kvamme Vik)

After Barcelona demolished his Valencia side at Camp Nou on Wednesday night, there are now Gary Neville 7-0 jokes and this is a selection of the best.

Yet to win a league game with his relatively new Spanish charges and brother as an assistant, the formerly regular Sky pundit’s misery was compounded last night as they suffered a humiliating 7-0 defeat at the hands of Barcelona.

Unable to prevent Luis Suárez from scoring four goals and Lionel Messi getting three himself, he called it “one of the worst experiences I’ve ever gone through in football” – and these are the best of the Gary Neville 7-0 jokes:

Tbh I think I take back what I said before, I don't want Gary Neville as MUFC manager yet 😂😂😂

— KING ERIC ᴸᵛᵍᴼᵘᵗ (@brobread) February 3, 2016

Gary Neville fooled us all as a pundit, made out he actually knew stuff about football, fraud

— ' (@GerrardsPrime) February 3, 2016

…A message for Gary Neville from a galaxy far,far away…"Help him Obi Wan Kenobi; You`re his only hope".

— Ray Hudson (@RayHudson) February 3, 2016

Gary Neville on the phone to his agent. pic.twitter.com/ALTkeTygtS

— Football Tips (@footballtips) February 3, 2016

OK, someone get Gary Neville a teddy bear or something.

— FCB News&Negativity (@cynicule) February 3, 2016

Gary Neville now pic.twitter.com/PUVmmBnThD

— ╰ Ebi ╮ (@BarcaSnacks) February 3, 2016

Looks like Gary Neville`s replacement on Sky will be Gary Neville

— Ergo (@SniersMoregut) February 3, 2016

Barcelona are 7-0 up Vs Gary Neville's Valencia. Gary's on the sidelines imagining his happy place https://t.co/5bayqoBwP6

— JD Football (@JDFootball) February 3, 2016

Live scenes from Gary Neville's funeral. pic.twitter.com/OHG6dbEE5q

— Rashad (@Invertled) February 3, 2016

Gary Neville said he'd lose some credibility if he didn't take the Valencia job.
As opposed to losing all of it by taking it.

— Not Brian Kettle (@briankettle) February 3, 2016

Oh Gary Neville..
Its more than this 😭😭 pic.twitter.com/Z8vWx2y7fn

— Aiseen Shuga (@IamRashman) February 3, 2016

The proper punishment for Gary Neville would be to have him analyze the loss to Barcelona on television

— Zito (@_Zeets) February 3, 2016

Sky really is the limit for Gary Neville

— Nicholas (@NickWren95) February 3, 2016

Gary Neville would be good at this management lark if he could move the players around on a giant iPad.

— David (@lfcmaestro23) February 3, 2016

*Gary Neville restarts his FM save* pic.twitter.com/r9FS7O8mKP

— bet365 (@bet365) February 3, 2016

Barça gave Gary Neville a new arsehole whilst Sky Sports we're broadcasting this.. pic.twitter.com/XjH5ejt1ye

— King (@MiraIIas) February 3, 2016

Gary Neville may have an awkward week ahead after these comments last year and losing 7-0 tonight pic.twitter.com/ntUS7vX4j8

— Monkey Sponge (@monkey_sponge) February 3, 2016

I can only imagine that Gary Neville as a pundit would slaughter Gary Neville as a coach.

— Jerome Pugmire (@jeromepugmire) February 3, 2016

That Gary Neville quote is fake. Funny but fake.

— Mike L. Goodman (@TheM_L_G) February 4, 2016

gary neville managing a team in spain when he can't speak spanish. similar result to when I accidentally ordered avocado salad in belgium

— finn (@fxnnxx) February 4, 2016

Gary Neville should use the old excuse FIFA players use when they've just been humiliated!
"I let my little brother play that one for me!"

— Dermot Sheehan LFC (@The5thRace) February 4, 2016

Gary Neville will be exceptionally low tonight. He did not see that coming. When he agreed to manage Valencia he thought they meant Antonio.

— Wenger Knows Best (@wengerknowsbest) February 4, 2016