The best Fellaini elbow jokes from Man Utd’s 1-1 Europa League draw with Liverpool

Big-money midfielder came in for sustained criticism.

After a disappointing performance in Manchester United's 1-1 Europa League draw with Liverpool, there were lots more Fellaini elbow jokes
ELBOWED: Fellaini (Image: Erik Drost)

These are all the best Marouane Fellaini elbow jokes after Manchester United’s 1-1 draw with Liverpool at Old Trafford on Thursday night in their Europa League last-16 second-leg tie.

United were eliminated from the competition, suffering a 1-3 defeat on aggregate, and the big-money midfielder came in for sustained criticism from sections of the support.

Abuse was particularly forthcoming following an unwieldy turn in the centre circle, some backwards passing and what some fans saw as a decisive late miss.

The best Marouane Fellaini elbow jokes from Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool:

Fellaini asking for a penalty is like a death row inmate asking for silk linen.

— Paul (@Kolology) 17 March 2016

£1 for every Fellaini elbow this season would bail Greece out.

— sam. (@SamAlexWarren) 17 March 2016

Only one way to deal with Fellaini's elbows. #stevieG #LFC https://t.co/0rk7GneeEr

— NoMessinGegenPressin (@WarriorLFC) 17 March 2016

Marouane Fellaini with THE most electrifyin' move in sports entertainment! #MUFCvLFC pic.twitter.com/NVWbb7lG3u

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) 17 March 2016

Fellaini should have been sent off 46 times these past 150 minutes

— ….. (@MercyRuled) 17 March 2016

Marouane Fellaini's family wishing him best of luck for Europa League. #MUFCvLFC pic.twitter.com/Ijf2HSFCgA

— 9GAG Troll Football (@9trollfootball) 17 March 2016

71 mins: Without a trace of hyperbole, I would stab Fellaini with a gun

— Louis van Genius (@bifurcated_MBM) 17 March 2016

Commentator "Fellaini showing up in dangerous places"

Yeah on a football pitch with a Man Utd shirt on.

— Chris M (@ChrisTMoran12) 17 March 2016

Fellaini fails a shot and LVG goes straight to the note pad. Bet it says

"Fellaini ❤️🐩"

— Kate Robinson (@katewhatsername) 17 March 2016

And on the 7th Day God sold Marouane Fellaini to Man Utd for £27,500,000.00

And it was good… #EFC

— Charlie Maines (@CharlieMaines) 17 March 2016

Fellaini u absolute tree

— daniellecantana (@princess_china1) 17 March 2016

Fellaini's finishing is nowhere near as deadly as his elbows.

— Jim Beglin (@jimbeglin) 17 March 2016

Watching Fellaini play has just made me realise i've not put the bins out yet

— Phil Derbyshire (@Mo_Licker) 17 March 2016

What's better?
RT for Fellaini
LIKE for plank of wood pic.twitter.com/iHBCANHEGQ

— kloppology (@liverpoolfctalk) 17 March 2016

I swear, Fellaini is nothing more than giant, walking broccoli. pic.twitter.com/Z4tkSveBb1

— Micheℒℒe (@Micha_Alvez) 17 March 2016

Fellaini: Eat, Sleep, Elbow.


— Busch (@its_Emmelex) 17 March 2016

Fellaini loves throwing them elbows… pic.twitter.com/RL9Mb3TggO

— YYY (@DutchIad) 17 March 2016

Gonna tie my kids to a chair and make them watch Fellaini play full 90 minutes in our midfield as a punishment if they ever misbehave w/ me

— J. (@Jaweriyaa) 17 March 2016

Post match reaction:

Carrick: "We need to improve"

Mata: "We will try harder, hugs"

LVG: "Fellaini was the best player on the pitch"

— Martial (@MartialTheMan) 17 March 2016

When you get hit by a Fellaini elbow pic.twitter.com/o8redbrPMo

— Paul (@VintageDeGea) 17 March 2016

He's drawing Fellaini naked pic.twitter.com/ePhHMxG35t

— Izzad (@IzzadZahari) 17 March 2016

Any 15 year olds willing to set up Fellaini so he can join Adam Johnson?

— Red Army! (@MYMUFC1) 17 March 2016

I really hope @OptaJoe is tracking Fellaini's elbows landed to elbows thrown ratio.

— Brooks Peck (@BrooksDT) 17 March 2016

@ManUtd Fellaini's football skills pic.twitter.com/9mcXifZ44R

— •nєνєr gινє υρ• (@CenaOrtonN1Fan) 17 March 2016

Lol wana hear a hilarious joke..


— Kosh #ELTE (@FIFAKosh) 17 March 2016

The things we accomplished this season :

1) Out of CL
2) Out of EL
3) Out of title race
4) Out of FA Cup
5) LVG-Fellaini relationship.

— Amaan (@ffsHerreraa) 17 March 2016

Watching replays on @itv – Fellaini couldn't score in Barnsley with a fist full of crack… #LFC

— ka®lito (@dumptee_humptee) 18 March 2016