The best European Super League jokes as plan for new competition meets its demise

"I don't think that project is now still up and running" after fan protests persuade clubs to withdraw.

Thankfully, European Super League jokes and tweets were all that emerged from plans for the new competition after fan protests
(Image: YouTube/Sky Sports Football)

Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli has said that the European Super League (ESL) cannot proceed after nine of the twelve teams involved withdrew from the project within 48 hours of it being announced.

The competition, which has been mooted for some time, involved ‘top’ sides from England, Spain and Italy quitting the Champions League to become permanent members of the new tournament.


— Russian Market (@russian_market) April 20, 2021

Fans across the continent displayed their revulsion at the idea, forcing club owners into a dramatic turnaround – with several making public apologies.

These were the best European Super League jokes and tweets after a considerable backlash forced the majority of founding members to pull out:

My son just said to me ‘Daddy, I think it’s really good that the bad men didn’t ruin football’

He’s 26, it’s embarrassing

— Crate Digger (@FPLCrateDigger) April 20, 2021

Never seen anything more Manc hahahahaha pic.twitter.com/VRWXM4ccuN

— Harry (@NotAruld) April 20, 2021

So I just marched into his office and told him straight, I’m the captain of Manchester United and I’m relieving you of your duties pic.twitter.com/2kG4MliCWn

— #AgendaFree (@MU_ChrisG11) April 20, 2021

Uefa: If you join the Super League , we will ban you from the Champions League.


— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) April 20, 2021

If anyone asks, Arsenal won the Super League and Spurs came last pic.twitter.com/X6QbPvLWaD

— Paddy (@PaddyArsenal) April 20, 2021

Manchester United are the only club who have ever been in the Champions League, Europa League and European Super League in the same season.

— Richard Jolly (@RichJolly) April 20, 2021

Now Man City are gone. The Super League are getting catfished here. Just going to end up with Arsenal and Spurs.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) April 20, 2021

Arsenal are going to be out of the Super League even quicker than they tend to be out of the Champions League.

— Jack Whitehall (@jackwhitehall) April 20, 2021

enjoying the Super League’s new knockout format

— Henry Mance (@henrymance) April 20, 2021

Spurs end up the only team in the Super League and utterly dominate it pic.twitter.com/HM3qo8TzEi

— David O'Doherty (@phlaimeaux) April 20, 2021


— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) April 20, 2021


I'm pleased I didn't take the time to fully understand what the Super league was.

— Jess Phillips MP (@jessphillips) April 20, 2021

the boat was stuck in the Suez Canal longer than the Super League lasted

— Becca Wright (@_beccawright) April 20, 2021


the maddest thing is you don’t even need a Super League to spice up football. you just need to put two balls on the pitch at once. double football i call it. it’s better in every single way

— Beth McColl (@imteddybless) April 20, 2021

For Sale. One European Super League season ticket. Unused.

— Matt Lucas (@RealMattLucas) April 20, 2021

what if the super league is just driven underground and you end up with Man City and Barcelona playing illicit matches under a flyover

— Mollie Goodfellow (@hansmollman) April 20, 2021

One of true tragedies of The Super League is that Harry Kane was injured for its entirety pic.twitter.com/gV4QQnkPW0

— Men in Blazers (@MenInBlazers) April 21, 2021

There is a growing possibility that Jose Mourinho may be the only European Super League manager ever to be sacked. The Special One.

— Richard Jolly (@RichJolly) April 20, 2021


“Now tell them the Super League will save football & matches are too long” pic.twitter.com/LZv3hYkFyD

— Simon Peach (@SimonPeach) April 20, 2021


There’ll be no European Super League then, I’ll tell the 16-24 year olds pic.twitter.com/zR0JSaGAtX

— jg (@joemgrant) April 20, 2021

BREAKING: Paul Gascoigne has turned up at the European Super League with a fishing rod and a roast chicken.

— Lee (@Leeprentice3) April 20, 2021

Who remembers the European Super League eh?

What were all that about?! pic.twitter.com/1J4bAUln9N

— LADbible (@ladbible) April 21, 2021


The real man who stopped the European Super League pic.twitter.com/fhi98a9CNG

— Shay (@ShayTHFC) April 20, 2021

The Super League had 0 games, but is already the most entertaining football competition ever.

— Ronan Murphy (@swearimnotpaul) April 20, 2021


Was the European Super League an apprentice task?

— Laura Claxton (@fairycakes) April 20, 2021

maybe the real Super League was the friends we made along the way

— Mina Kimes (@minakimes) April 20, 2021